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April 30, 2011

Dear All

I have come across queries from different regions on the matter of grant of MACPS to KV Teachers and a motivated rumour deliberately spread by the antagonists of AIKVTA that Mr.SS Malik, GS AIKVTA has submitted any letter to KVS rejecting/ stating non-requirement of grant of MACPS to KV Teachers. The rumour is a diversion meant for distracting the teachers from the sincere efforts made by AIKVTA for the welfare of KV teachers, grant of MACPS included, by certain failed, retired teacher(s) who unsuccessfully try to remain relevant post retirement. My only question to those self-styled benefactors of KV teachers, why were they silent for almost a decade? Why they are not able to talk anything positive i.e. about their achievements rather than talking about what AIKVTA did/does?

The rumour that Malik has submitted any letter to KVS rejecting MACPS for KV teachers is utterly false, is a sheer nonsense. The views of AIKVTA and the GS AIKVTA on this matter is transparent and is well documented; elsewhere in this web site you may find letters from MOS(Home), GOI, Mr.Ajay Maken and MP (LS) Dr.Arvind Sharma and various other letters from AIKVTA addressed to HRM strongly pleading for grant of MACPS for KV teachers and that has been possible at the behest of GS AIKVTA Mr.SS Malik. I have taken up the matter at different levels and the last meeting between AIKVTA and KVS on 10th March’11 had deliberated on this issue at length, the details is also given in this web site. The letter submitted by Mr.Malik refusing acceptance of ACP is a non-matter and it was in the interest of teachers in the then prevailing conditions of promotion posting and selection scale etc. I would have taken to same course had I not been deputed for KV Moscow by then.

Let me further clarify that MACPS is recommended by 6th CPC, this is different from the earlier ACP scheme recommended by 5th CPC. While certain clauses of earlier ACP scheme were against the interest of teachers, MACPS is beneficial, hence no teacher, even in worst scenario would oppose it. While granting MACPS for non-teaching staff, MHRD rejected its implementation for KV teachers but the persistent efforts of AIKVTA forced the KVS to recommend and resubmit the file to MHRD for approval of MACPS for KV teachers which is pending for approval. The BOG KVS has approved it for KV teachers and we are on a strong pitch, in worst case we keep options open for legal recourse.

I am sure my clarification would settle the dust and expose the ugly designs of certain vested interests to malign AIKVTA. Let’s remain optimistic…let’s talk positive..

AS Mazumdar, President AIKVTA