List of Hard stations

January 4, 2012

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  • B Mohanty says:

    In its circular dated 20/10/2011 KVS has introduced differential per period pay system for contractual teachers, in general, hard and very hard stations.In the context of that whether one can expect some extra financial benefit for regular teachers working in hard and very hard stations.

  • naveen says:

    please inform us about half pay leave and EL.
    And also direct us rules reg. HPL and EL.And also tell us under what rule we lost our EL eligibility

  • avdesh dagar says:

    Sir ,
    can the system of 10 EL be restored or not?

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      Leave rules for vacational staff (Teachers) of GOI has not been changed to restore 10 days E.L in spite of demands from various Associations including Delhi administration teachers Association. AIKVTA is also constantly pursuing the matter at appropriate level(s). However we have not been successful yet. GOI may have to take a coherent decision on the matter and no time frame can be predicted for that.


    sir i want to know about the transfer annoncement of the session 2012-2013

  • Nitin says:

    Sir, I want to ask one question regarding station seniority of a teacher. Teacher was transferred from location A to B within same region due to displacement and seniormost teacher at that station 2 years back. Now at location A there is a vecancy and same teacher request for the transfer back to location A from B. My query is if the teacher gets transfer from B to A again will teacher’s seniority will change from existing seniority to Junior level or will remains same, as teacher has not completed minimum 3 years of posting at the sation B? because some teacher says seniority will not change as teacher has not completed 3 years at transferred location. no one is sure about this. pl reply. Thanks.

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      Total duration at the old station (excluding the stay in new station) will count for seniority at the old station if stay out of the original station is less than three years..

  • Ram Babu, PGT (Geo) says:


    With due respect I am to inform you that after declaration of calendar of Annual transfer, it is doom and gloom time or all teachers, especially for teachers below 40 yrs regarding the uncertanity of their posting. In this regard Sir,it is requested to kindly give some light.

    1. Are Teachers above 40 yrs who have never spent a tenure at hard/veryhard/NER stations will never be transferred to those stations even if their displacement count is more than the teachers who arre below 40 yrs.

    2. In case of lady teachers just below 40 yrs and gents teachers just above 40 yrs and the gents teachers with more displacement count and both are without a tenure in hard / veryhard / NER stations wo are more likely to be transferred.

    3. Sir, for a partucular subject which is dominated by lady teachers like music,english, drawings etc, and where some gents teachers above 40 are available and with more displacement count, without a tenure in hard/veryhard/NER stations, who are more likely to be transferred. Lady teachers with less than 40 yrs or gents teachers above 40 yrs.

    Sir, every year from the month of January to June, we are really terrified. Nowonwards we will never be able to concentrate on our teachings. How can any one focus on teaching, when his own existence along with his family is at a stake. Nowonwards teaching, social life is all gone. Please be by our side like previous years.

    Yours faithfully,

    Ram Babu,PGT

  • Sulochana says:

    Sir, I have joined as a PRT at KV Gulbarga (Bangalore region)in 1997. I got transfered to Visakhapatnam in 2003 on request. I am a lady & in the verge of completing 40 years by July 2012.There are 10 PRT vacancies at Visakhapatnam itself.But still do I get disturbed & posted to a hard station? Do please reply.

  • s c shukla pgt-economics says:

    sir,as per new transfer guideline,in the proforma of personal details which is mandatory for all the employees, at no.7 a new column has been added regarding combined stay in conjunction with present posting in hard/very hard/NE stations only.can an employee who had joined organization as tgt-sst,posted in NE-regions in sep 2006 and latter on he got recruited pgt on 31 oct 2009 again posted in NE regions till the date.
    my question is- whether the above employee is eligible to get the transfer from north east to plane area or not? its urgent sir please reply soon

  • k.ujjwal says:

    I am regular employe of kvs as tgt since 06/09/2003 and now I am salected as PGT Geography on direct recruit exam and alloted ahmedabad region.I want to know that wether I granted — an increment,TA/DA,Composit grant and other benefits for joining my duty as a PGT or not?I hope u will sand me reply as soon as possible sir.

  • viral says:

    as per new transfer guideline , who is not seeking transfer is not fill up the PART C and alsonew recruited not fill up PART C but if new recruited employee who complicated one year of his initial posting and want to transfer for HARD/VERY HARD /NER , what they will do? THEY CAN FILL PART C or not without filling part c how can they get transfer to such station. sir please reply … i want solution sir.. please give me feedback . please

  • BHARAT says:

    as i completed one year to my initial posting and i want to apply for hard/very hard station, my question is that should i fill up part C in transfer proforma or not ? and if we don’t fill up part c are we eligible for transfer or not ? please rply it plz . thanking you .

  • Sir,
    It is a mtter of great regret that K.V.Sangathan has kept the proovision of departmental promotion for all the post except the promotion of PGT(Computer Scienc).But some of the TGT have the qualification for the PGT(Computer Science).Some of the WETs have the requisite qualification for the post of PGT(Computer Science).As the Wet has been given the designation TGT(WE) so they should be given the chance of promotion.So I request you to kindly inform the Commissioner about the matter.
    Thankingyou and waiting for an early reply I remains.
    yours faithfully,
    Meghanada Sahoo

  • Ravindra Goswami says:

    There is a lot of misunderstanding for Children education allowance. such as school bag amount and pt shoe amount are deducted by Auditors. so matter should be raised on proper platefrom that teachers are suffering through half carified letter so the letter or order of CEA should me more clarified.

  • krishna nand singh says:

    I want to know about the time period that in how many months we can claim medical.

  • gajanan kamble says:

    Sir, As you know according GOI rules we can claim for TA DA & 1/3 amount of our basic pay, on administrative local transfer ground(within 20 km ). According rules I had claimed and I got too, but in the case of TA I was confusing because for auto charge with family I claimed 80 Rupees (5 km)but sanctioned only 45 rupees let it be sir, But when I shifted my house hold luggage for that one total expenditure was 1250 Rupees by Tempo but Auditors sanctioned only 150 rupees And remaining 1100 rupees they recovered from me sir. How can I shift all luggage within the city (5 km distance) in 150 rupees. Is there solution for such a condition, sir please sorry for your disturbance please reply…..

  • A.S.Mazumdar says:

    Are you from Ahmedabad region?I may speak to your Accounts Officer(FO) in RO about your problem, confirm.

  • rkumar says:

    wheather kvs is bound to implement the orders of hble CAT PB (DELHI)
    Ihav send you a copy of dicison on promotion from PGT tO VP through ltd departmental exams
    for the yr 2009-2010.
    pls see the order n guide me for coarse of action.
    r kumar

  • shefali says:

    i’m a contractual teacher(prt) in one of the KV’s in bangalore.can the school hold us for 1.30 min along with the permanent staff after the school hours?
    we are paid for only two periods if we take half day,does the policy say so?
    in the past a teacher’s 3 day pay was cut for not attending independence day (a day prior and after 15th aug)is it in accordance to the rules?

  • dhirendra singh says:

    sir,can a employee of KVS take casual leave in conjunction with summer vacation Emergency Grounds.
    Is there any rule which prohibits it.
    Can EL be Granted in cojuction with Vacation by Principal himself.

  • vinay nama says:

    what is d criterion for categorising d hard stations , kindly elaborate ?
    vinay nama

  • Gaurav sahay says:

    sir. i want to know that what is the time period of hard station for women.

  • preeti says:

    I am a lady pRT teacher in the age of 53. I have some medical problem but I was transferred to a remote location where there is no medical facility available. Please let me know how I can request the Sangathna to place me a nearby place
    secondaly what are the heads I will get on transfer to different location, if I join there?

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      Pl. send your request for modification of transfer to Commissioner, KVS with your medical treatment records, better if you can give some vacancies of your choice, your joining will not prejudice your chance for getting modification since by that rather you comply with the orders of KVS as a sincere & disciplined teacher.

  • manoj tank says:

    dear sir
    what is the provision for thetransfer on spouse ground?

  • parmar vikramsinh says:

    station sinioriti na paripatro mara ma mail karo

  • parmar vikramsinh says:

    station sinioriti na paripatro mara ma mail karo

  • ARUN SHARMA says:

    Respected sir, I working in the kvs from the past two years.I have completed 02 years at the same station at the same post. Now as i am below 40 and willing to opt for the HARD and very hard stations .Am i eligible to fill part C of the transfer form ?.As last year I have been told to not fill the same.Kindly give response, I will be thankful to you.

  • P K Meher says:

    I have completed one tenure in NE region(Shillong) from may 2007 to may 2011 in the post of PRT. I got transfer to Orissa in May 2011. After that I was selected for the post of Librarian by direct recruitment of KVS and again posted in NE region (Shillong) in March 2012 and presently working there. Now I have already completed a tenure in priority area in the post of PRT and also completed 1 year in priority area in the post of Librarian.
    My question is that: Will I be eligible to apply for transfer in this year. If yes, how many points will I get in Part C……
    Waiting for a sound reply sir….. immediately please…….

  • ram says:

    sir I m contractual tgt teacher.I have worked with out leave in 01 September to 27 September.what should me pay kvs. and what is pro pro rata Sunday including or not

  • ravi says:

    sir I m contractual tgt teacher.I have worked with out leave in 01 September to 27 all friends worked and take 27 days salary .but give me only 23 days payment and say me your Sunday was reduce.I have asked why.he said me we are giving payment pro rata basis .but other kV give all contractual teacher 27 days payment .what I do sir plz tell me

  • manmohan singh says:

    a teacher is getting transfer at hard station on request vide dated order 29/06/2015 can he get transfer T.A benifit .?

  • jyotirmaya panigrahi says:

    I want to know the different criteria for determining the hard station and very hard station.Because there are so many places which are supposed to be in hard category and the places not supposed to be in hard station are under hard station.
    Kindly intimate at the earliest.

  • Dear eminent friends; I got trf to kv jagdalpur chhatisgarh in public interest (under 40 ) in June 2015. I had requested modification to kv Lonavla and kv nad karanja but instead of the desired places I have been wrongly transferred to kv AFS NALIYA Gujrat. When I applied for cancellation in the month of September 2015 and nov 2015I didn’t get any cancellation order from kvs hq. And on 05.04.16 I had relieved for kv afs naliya after 7 months gap. Kindly do the needful. Please help me in this issue. Kindly see the attachments.
    Dear friends today I in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. Now it has been come to notice that there is no vacancy for PRT at KV AFS NALIYA where I am relieved to report to join the duty. Tomorrow on Monday I have to report at KVS RO AHMEDABAD to join the duty. What kind of harassment is this?
    My three small daughter’s and wife are in jagdalpur ,chhatisgarh . Even though there is no staff quarter at all.
    My elder daughter is studying in class 3 and second one is studying in class 2 at kv jagdalpur. Till date there are 6 post are vacant for PRT at kv jagdalpur chhatisgarh. And me the person like a sailboat without magnet is wandering hether and thether.

  • parmjit kaur says:

    I wanted to know whether i can apply from a soft station to a hard station at any time? Transfer process has closed but i want to apply against a vacant position at a hard station, what is the procedure for that? somebody told me that it is mentioned somewhere in transfer guidelines that i can apply from soft station to hard station at any time however i couldn’t find it in transfer guideline 2016-17. Kindly guide me in this issue.

  • Anuj says:

    Dear Sir

    I want to know that is it compulsory to spend two consecutive years in a same school (very hard station) to get the very hard station benefits (60 points) for transfer to my desired place ?

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