• tushar shukla says:

    Is kvs pensioner complained or not about why pensioner are not getting DA from last april. forget about 7th pay.they have not even increased single paisa in pension from last year april. this is too late. where is the fault. It is from kvs or finance ministry. worst condition made to kvs pensioner till date.

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      KV Pensioners are not getting DR at revised rate(neither on 6th cpc rate nor on 7th CPC rate)due to lack of specific orders from nodal Ministry for the same; KVS cannot implement orders directly since additional finances must be allocated for the purpose by the HRD Ministry. Unfortunately management might not have foreseen the implications of implementation of 7th CPC and perhaps didn’t make budgetary provisions for the same.
      However, as has been collected from a very senior Officer of KVS, the JS(MHRD) has already taken up the matter of implementation of 7th CPC, including enhanced DR, for pensioners with the Ministry of Finance. Let’s hope for positive result and consequent implementation soon.

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