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August 31, 2017


  • s.s.solanky says:

    What about official website of AIKVTA. No information is being displayed in the site.Is it bening suspended or what ? What is the status of MACP and PRT higher grade pay? Afer several quary no iformation & post elected AIKVTA is in deep slumber?

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      My frank & unpalatable assessment – MACPS no more possible in spite of many misleading claims & counter claims by various stake holders. PRT grade pay issue is pending in Court,may be/ may not be..This website is no more the Official web site of AIKVTA, it is blog of A S Mazumdar..

  • S. BISWAS says:

    Sir as you know KVS transfer process is going on and Notification for No Taker Vacancy has been published. I need your kind advice and guidance in this regard. For the Mutual Transfer it is clearly mentioned that “one year stay is required in the same post at the same station on initial posting” for the employees. but it has not required 1 year stay from June to June (year as per Transfer Count). At the same time for No taker there is no reqired 1 year stay after joining and June to June 1 year count also.

    So we have filled the form but Bhubaneswar Region Principals and Officials are interpreting the instruction wrongly and are not forwarding our Transfer Application Form.

    At this situation what we can do? Please advice us otherwise please do something for us.

    As you know transfer is a very important need for the employee and it is totally impossible to have vacant those school on the coming year.For this silly action of the officials an employee or a few employee may suffer a lot in his /her life which may be not curable.

    Is it not possible that Sangathan would publish notification more specifically?

    Sangathan may provide a help line for all regarding transfer. There is no provision for the employee to get help from Sangathan’s higher officials.
    I am waiting for your kind reply sir.

  • S. BISWAS says:

    note : We have completed 1 year after joining but not transfer count year(June to June) and want to apply for No Taker Vacancy

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