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August 31, 2017


  • Aseem says:

    In absence of CGHS what is the medical facility for KV teachers in service.

  • Praveen says:

    School has not issued the CGHS card please advise can we reimburse private hospital bill?

    Note: school has not cut the CGHS many

  • Maitri says:

    What is the medical benefit available to KV pensioners (teaching staff)

  • Pradnya says:

    Is that confirm that KVS employees will get CGHS facility?
    My father has retired on 31 july this year. WE yet not have submitted documents in the bank for starting the pension. So, if it is confirm only then we will not avail medical allowance of Rs.500.
    please reply asap.

  • Praveen says:

    My wife is woking in KVS Delhi and she has deducted the CGHS many in his salary for every month. However, school has denied we don’t have this facility and we can’t issue the CGHS card.

    I have checked in KVS as well in CGHS site they rule 1994 you can avail CGHS facility for all private hospital which are under the CGHS panel please advise is that through?

    Also, doctor has recommended to me for operation but KVS RO has also denied. please advise what should we do?

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