• MJ says:

    This is because the teachers and staff unions of these organisations are strong, bold and fight for the rights of their members unlike AIKVTA MEMBERS who once elected start thinking of themselves only and beg for personal benefits to the administration.

    Such people cannot open their mouth in front of the organisation.

    I challenge the AIKVTA to take up this matter with the ADMINISTRATION and ask for release of Rs 4600 grade pay for primary teachers which is their right as per revised circular of Ministry of Finance 13/16 Nov 2009 if i remember correctly. Haryana GS and a primary teachers had filed a petition in CAT.

    Also immediate implementation of MACP for kvs teachers alongwith 7TH PAY COMMISSION IMPLEMENTATION.

    Tell MHRD to implement this proposal in any other organisation and then see what reply is given by their teachers organisations. I bet they will out right refuse it as when they were appointed these things were not applicable ,hence we cannot implement it.

    This will require not only computer literacy by teachers but a lot of hours of extra work daily apart from teaching to make it work. I CANNOT SAY ABOUT THE NEW APPOINTEES who do not want to work at all BUT SURELY OLD TEACHERS WILL NOT BE ALBE TO DO IT OR IT WILL BE A NIGHT MARE FOR THEM.

    Let us see who it is implemented.

  • Prince kumar says:

    Yes u r right, Mr. MJ.

  • Kapil says:

    Mr. Mj you spoke excellent words for your union member

  • M says:

    I totally agree with u sir

  • Ajay says:

    Congrats dear friends ministry of finance has been realised 7 pay order 18 july 2017, we will get new salary in sept month august salary. Order copy available at aikvta official website

  • Masterji says:

    I sent this on Twitter to HRD minister, Javdekar >>>

    The raison d’etre for a School to exist is, imparting EDUCATION to its students. Teachers are that resource & medium that helps student in learning as they are involved in the core activity of teaching.

    Therefore, the essential group in a schools are…
    1. Students who come to learn and,
    2. Teachers who teach & impart that learning.
    Rest are just the support staff, be it the administrative staff, officers or the decision makers at upper echelons.

    Therefore, naturally the focus should be on these two core groups, i.e. the teachers & the students.

    But the Government of India thinks otherwise, so it discriminates with the people (teachers) who are at the core of education. The support staff & administrative officers have got all the perks like CGHS facility, MACP etc etc. But the core worker is still looking for these plus the 7th Pay Commission recommendations implemented.

    Dear Minister for HRD, Sri Javdekar ji, is babu class more important to you?

  • JAI says:

    Granting 7th CPC Allowances to the employees of Autonomous Organizations, Statutory Bodies – Finmin issued orders on 26.7.2017

    Revision of Rates of Allowances to the employee working in Quasi-Government Organizations, Autonomous Organizations, Statutory Bodies -regarding

    Government of India
    Ministry of Finance
    Department of Expenditure

    North Block, New Delhi
    dated the 26th July, 2017


    Subject : Revision of rates of Allowances – extension of Government decisions on the recommendations the 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of employees of Quasi-Government Organizations, Autonomous Organizations, Statutory Bodies set-up by and funded/controlled by the Central Government-regarding.

    The undersigned is directed to invite attention to this Department’s OM of even number dated 13/1/2017, regarding extension of revised pay scales based on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of employees of Qunsi-Government Organizations, Autonomous Organizations, Statutory Bodies set-up by and funded/controlled by the Central Government and to say that in terms of para 6 thereof, it was mentioned that the Central Government has not taken any decision in regard to various allowances based on the recommendation of the 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of Central Government employees and, therefore, until further orders, the existing allowances in the autonomous organizations shall continue to be admissible as per the existing terms and conditions, irrespective of the revised pay scales having been adopted.

    2. The decision of the Central Government on the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission in regard to allowances in respect of Central Government employees have since been announced as per this Department’s Resolution No.11-1/2016-IC dated 6.7.2017 and the consequent Government orders have also been issued by this Department in regard to allowances like HRA, Travelling Allowance, Transport Allowance, Family Planning Allowance, etc. The attention is also invited to this Department’s OM No.29/1/2017-E-IIB dated 11th July, 2017 regarding non-disbursal of discontinued allowances.

    3. Accordingly, it has been decided that such of the existing allowances at present admissible in case of employees of Quasi-Government Organizations, Autonomous Organizations, Statutory Bodies set-up by and funded/controlled by the Central Government, as are exactly as per the Central Government pattern, may be revised in accordance with the decision contained in the aforesaid Resolution dated 6.7.2017 read with the Government orders issued in the matter. The provisions contained in this Department’s OM No. 29/1/2017-E-IIB dt. 11th July, 2017 regarding non-disbursal of discontinued allowances shall also be strictly followed.

    4. All other stipulations including the Modalities for additional financial impact on allowances, as contained in the OM dated 13.1.2017 referred to in pars 1 above, shall continue to be applicable in regard to these orders.

    5. Hindi version of these orders is attached.

    (Amar Nath Singh)

  • MJ says:


    Notification for implementation of 7th cpc for kvs teachers on kvs sight. Although no allowances/ arrears till next financial year.

  • Masterji says:

    No guts to publish my comment, dear teacher cum politician jyada?

  • s.s.solanky says:

    Is AIKVTA is in post election slumber ?

  • I .R.DUBEY says:

    As per 6th cpc seniority is to be maintained according to grade pay within the cadre.whether is followed in kvs

  • MJ says:

    I HOPE YOU ARE THERE. LONG TIME NO UPDATE ON DELAY IN TRANSFERS and other issues of concern to kv teachers.

    Request to give your valuable suggestion/comments and news etc.

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      I am retired since last five years and the present day Teacher leaders are very capable to handle things without any advice/ suggestion from retired people. And you know it’s demeanor to indulge unsolicited..I try to post some important information collected from my sources..

  • RAMASAMY says:


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