• Bhajan Singh says:

    Respected sir,Who will lead the autonmous body’s pensioners(kvs)case. Regards, Bhajan Singh

  • Radhakisan K Dalvi says:

    What is the latest posion in regards toKVS retd.employees and pensioners.What r the latest orders by Government of India Fin.Dept.

  • Dr Kamla Dewan says:

    Sir, It is not understood as why so much time is being taken by MHRD? After all the KVS is sold controlled by the Minidtry of HRD then why is the stepmonthly treatment given to the pensioners of KVS? Are they not they entitled for such benefits lof 7th CPC?Have they not served the Organistion fully controlled by it?

  • Dr Kamla Dewan says:

    I do not need any rating for the comment. I have given my feeling for the undue delay being caused in the matter.

  • Kalpshikha Gupta says:

    R the orders to implement 7th CPC to KVS employees applicable to Pensions?

  • Kalpshikha Gupta says:

    neither Dearness relief nor 7TH CPC. r they thinking not to pay anything to pensioners

  • v k singhal says:


  • Dr S N Singh says:

    Now it is too much, I am not understanding about the delay for releases of revised pensions to the K V S pensioners. Finance Ministry should be approached for immediate release.

  • N.sittaraman secretary nittpa says:

    This is become a bad practice that the central govt. is creating for autonomous bodies issue which was not done in the earlier pay commission reports.please avoid this complications and formalities without any discrimination.most of the autonomous bodies are educational institutions and this will create bad openion among the present employees and pensioners.the finance minister should act positively in smooth manner. Please take immediate action to issue orders for revised pension forautonomous bodies.

  • Why has the central government denied pension to autonomous bodies(KVS)abruptly?Is it a government plan make them destitute or a measure to shorten their life?

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