• prava says:

    why kvs not giving promotion from pgt to vp from the reserved pannel in 2011-12 & 13 whereas the promotion from prt to hm is operative

  • seshadri says:

    why kvs not ready to give 7thcpc its staff ?

  • santosh kumar satapathy says:

    From other CG deptt Govt has income like Rly, post office central excise etc .In Military security issue is there but KVS & NVS only expenditure but no quick income.so no 7th cpc, no DA/DR

  • P V L says:

    What about pensioner”s DR from July2016? and also 7th cpc

  • Pushpa says:

    Why no 7th pay commission granted to Kv teachers still?

  • Kamal says:

    Why kvs is running scout guide camps students having nil knowlegde.sending the teachers forcibly for scout guide training.if it is not compulsory than why this training is imposed on all teacher . There should be some new post creates by kvs for running scout guide

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      May be KVS thinks voluntarism of BS & G only in terms of students and to facilitate students joining voluntarily, they need to train teachers & then utilize their services in the greater objective of students participation.

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