• KK Thomas says:

    Dear Majumdar jee
    Thank you very much for uploading my letter in your web site. I request all the staff of KVS to respond on this matter .
    KK Thomas

  • Babita Sinha says:

    Respected Majumdar sir,
    Thank you sooooo much for displaying sri kk Thomas letter and making everyone aware regarding the problem faced by cpf optees.
    Many of us are suffering due to non cooperative attitude of our employer.once again thanks a lot for your support.

  • Bijay Kumar Jha says:

    I have joined on 3/10/1985. Is there any possibility to change my CPF to GPF

  • KK Thomas says:

    Sri B K Jha
    At the present condition No chance and hope for those who joined KVS before 1/1/1986. Only the Public demonstration and gandhian satyagraha is the only method.
    We all have to be united

  • G.ESHWARAPPA says:

    We can also request if they are very firm, to
    1.Increase in the management share(a good amount) w.e.f date of opting CPF
    2. Proportionate amount to pay to compensate pension
    3.Fixed Medical allowance
    Just my feeling,not to take otherwise

  • KK Thomas says:

    Sri G Eswarappa
    These points were also requested during Dec 2015 . That request was also turned down by KVS

  • Anita RUSTAGI says:

    thanks for posting this letter. but hamare macp ka kya hua

  • G.ESHWARAPPA says:

    Thank u sir,I think it is our bad luck

  • geethanjali m s says:

    cpf optees of kv are given step motherly treatment.i have joined 1985 august .And given an option to keep in cpf in the year 1988 by thinking next pay revision they will ask again for option but that didn t happen in 96 pay revision or 2006 revision at least if we are given a chance to opt in this pay revision we will be great ful to MHRD .A teacher serving 31 years and 6 more years left for me.Who can help us to get one more option.We are penalised for taking the option given by the kvs.If that option was not given atall we wont be such a situation t.The teacher who worked 36 years cpf optees paying 10 percent of their salary to pf .gpf people are paying only 6 percent.Still they are getting pension.We dont need the management share they were depositing as it is a megre amount comparing with pention benefit.Pention 10 years one commute will get more than the money given as management share for cpf optees.God only should help us to get an option to change in to gpf scheme.

  • R.P.Thakur says:

    Joined kvsin 1984.Initially opted CPF.Didn’t submit any option form in 1987.Is there any ray of hope of conversion from CPF to gpf?Thanks alot for making positive efforts.R.P.THAKUR.,PGT(ENGLISH),KV IOC BARAUNI,BEGUSARAI,BIHAR

  • shreepati Bhat says:

    Dear Majumdar Sir Thanks for uploading Mr Thomas letter about change over CPF to GPF. Previously AKIVTA to mention CPF holders demands to KVS and Ministry . But noways days totally they are not very much interested in this matter . Once again I am requesting them to help in this matter. Thanks Sir.

  • prince kumar says:

    kindly inform about PRT grade pay case. what happen ? no news about new date?

  • D. Mazumder says:

    I joined KVS on 9th October 1985 and opted for CPF. I did not submit any option in the year 1987. But my CPF account is not converted into GPF.

  • PC says:

    Dear Majumdar Sir,
    What is the need for separate consideration by BOG for 7CPC. The approval has been done by Union Cabinet and notified in Gazette. No one has any authority to change any procedure or rule. No value addition can also be done by KVS on it.
    Hope Admin of KVS understands this and implements the revision without any delay. Maybe they are looking for an opportunity to tinker some rule like they did in past on MACP so they can justify their position and keep on drawing high salary for creating chaos leading to heartburn for thousands of teachers and employment to various legal persons in KVS and CAT.

  • C Pradhan says:

    I joined kvs on 25 August 1974 kv Imphal and opted for CPF.I did not recall if I submitted any option in 1987.My CPF account re mained unchanged.I got my retirement on 29 february 2016.I tried my best to change my CPF to GPF but was not successful.I feel something can be done through your association.

  • i have served kvs for 39 years. i retired in jan 2016 as tgt bio from kv2 salt lake.i am also one of the unfortunate one to have opted for cpf long back unaware of the change in scienario after 38 years.i agree with the cut off date & your suggestions regarding the agitations etc.thank you. with regards. sagarika chakraborty

  • Deepk says:

    Very unfortunate that instead of considering the demand, it is decided not to even think of about it,rule is ok,agreed constitution can be ammended, salary of mp can be considred,then pl.consider and permit last time opportunity.

  • RAMA says:


  • Krishna Chakravorty says:

    I joined in KVS in the year 1986 and I am CPF opp-tee. Is there any scope for conversion to GPF?

  • SHARAT JAIN says:

    I joined KVS in Sept 1985 and I opted CPF at the time of joining. Reopted CPF in 1987 after that I could not get any chance of conversion to GPF. Now i am going to retire in OCT 2016 I feel something can be done through your association.

  • I joined KVS in the year 1986.I am CPF opp-tee. I have applied so many times for conversion. But in vain. Is there any scope for conversion for GPF?

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