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  • C.K.V.Kurup says:

    Pay fixation Anomaly.
    C.K.V.Kurup, KV,No.1, Kozhikode.
    Pay fixation of 2 PRTs as on 1-1-06 (4500-125-7000) Revised Minumum Pay fixed Rs.9300/-

    X 1Yr 4,625(old) 8610+4200(new) 9300+4200(step-up’06) 2.01Times
    Y 4Yr 5,000(old) 9300+4200 No 1.86Times
    Mr.X gets more increase(2.01) of pay than Y(1.86)( one year PRT and a 4 year completed PRT)
    Is it an anomaly? Yes
    Pay fixation of 2 TGTs as on 1-1-06 (5500-175-9000) Revised Minumum Pay fixed Rs.12,540/-

    X 1Yr 5,675(old pay) 10560+4600(new) 12540+4200(step-up’06) 2.21times
    Y 8Yr 6,900 12840+4600 No step-up 1.86 %

    Mr.X gets 2.21 times and Y gets only 1.86 times of old pay.( 1 yr and 8 Yr completed TGT)
    Is it an anomaly? Yes.
    Pay fixation of 2 PGTs as on 1-1-06 (6500-200-10,500) Revised Minumum Pay fixed Rs.13,350/-

    X 1Yr 6700(old) 12470+4800(new) 13350+4800(step-up’06) 1.99%
    Y 4Yr 7300 13580+4800 N.A 1.86%

    Mr.X gets 1.99 times and Y gets only 1.86 times of old pay.
    Is it an anomaly? Yes.
    In all the above cases Mr.X is benifitted by stepping up of pay and Mr.X drew more arrears of pay than Y in the 6 CPC
    Please submit the above in the JCM. This is not applicable for other central govt.employees since grade pay 4200, 4600, 4800 were given to Teachers as a special cases. Other Central Govt.employees will not discuss KV Teachers anomalies in their JCM.(same has been e-mailed)

  • Pay Anomaly
    This unique difference is seen only with the Teachers and Nurses as the get a jump in their grade pay.
    Example: 1. As all u know PRT was in 5th pay 4500 now in 6th pay they are in 4200 gp. But there counterpart like UDC,ASM are bellow of this GP.
    2TGT was in 5500 in 5th pay but now in 4600gp where as there counterpart in other dept like Jr Engineers are drawing 4200 gp.
    3.PGT was in 6500 in 5th pay now in 4800 gp.
    4.Collage lecture was in 8000 now in 6000 academic gp instead of 5400.
    Therefore 6th pay commission given one step jump to the academic caders and nurses. But forget to provide a fitment table for us.The all the circulars never touch this issue.As 6th pay jumps gp for us they should provide special circular reg jump cases.
    Due to this jump of gp the problem of salary difference arises.
    We request the AIKVTA Gs and Presi to raise this matter to the appropriate body for immediate relief.

  • C.K.V.Kurup says:

    The above anomaly comes because a minimum pay was recommended by the commission with out verifying the various stages and length of service
    . The stepping up of pay is to be done due to fixing minimum pay for PRT as 9300, TGT as 12,540 and PGT as 13,350 and stepping up is poossible for those whose pay as per fitment table is below the above limits.Seniors who crossed the above limit will not get this step up of pay as per the fixation formula and consequently the anomaly arises.Therefore KVS should appoint a committee to study the above anomaly and to find a solution with in 3 months.

  • Vinod Kumar Singh Asst GS Delhi Region says:

    Mr. Majumdar
    President, AIKVTA,
    New Delhi

    With due respect I want to know that:
    Why was Delhi Region GS Mr.Pathak expelled?
    What were the charges on him?
    Did AIKVTA demanded any type of explanation from him?
    On what ground was he expelled?

    As for my concern Mr. Pathak was a good worker. He strengthned the AIKVTA. He is devoted and honest towards his work .
    I also want to know that
    Who is the present General Secreatry at present? Is the new GS is an REC member?

    Thanking You

    Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh
    Asst. General Secretary
    AIKVTA, Delhi Region

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      All questions on administrative matters in AIKVTA please be addressed to GS AIKVTA. However, any member/ office bearer can be expelled from AIKVTA if there are reasonably convincing evidence of anti associational activity(ies) of the concerned member/office bearer.

  • sunil kumar nama says:

    I joined the kvs on 08/08/2003 as PRT. I have been promoted from PRT to TGT through Departmental exam. held on 19/12/2009.being promoted I joined the post of TGT on 06/10/2010. At that time my basic pay was as follows:11800+ 4200= 16000.and the pay fixation on promotion was done by RO as: 12280+4600= 16880.which is not equal to entry pay of a direct recuit. Is it an anomaly?
    sunil kumar nama
    Tgt (Eng)
    k v no.2 Afs, Suratgarh (Raj)09887192097

    • R P Singh says:

      Now what happened in your case as this type of anomaly is spread in whole India . Govt. does not care of teachers mental agony.

  • K K Thomas says:

    Sub:- Stepping up of Pay
    I joinmed as Work Exp teacher in KVS on 10/04/1985 on direct Recruitment ans was sanctioned Senor Scale WEF 10/04/1997. I have been placed at Rs 6025. wef 1/1/96.
    It was confirmed that a TGT Biol teacher who joined on 29/01/86 was placed ar Rs. 6200/= wef 1/1/96 on pay fixation. So I represented to KVS for the Pay anomaly/Stepping up pay at par with this teacher.But KVS dot not accreded because I am not in the same cadre and rejucted my request.
    A teacher who joined as TGT 9 monthes junior to me is getting more than my pay. Is it not injustise.
    Please advice .
    It will be a fact that any Work Exp teacher who joined in January 1986 also must be fixed as above.
    Now the cadre has bee amalgamted as TGT WETR . So there should not be any disparity.

    K K Thomas,TGT WETR

  • nitin garg says:

    Dear Sir,

    I m writing this on behalf of employees of KV & in order to bring in your kind notice with the hardship phased by the teachers of kv & their dependents in getting their medical treatment.

    We know kvs is an autonomous body & employees who are not covered under CGHS can get their treatment under CS MA rule, but in fact there is lack of awareness about this among the regions & in the vidhalayas , even the pricipals/administration clerks of the vidhalayas are silent this matter.

    My wife since last three years in the member of the organisation & tries number of times of get our nearest doctor empanelled as Authorised Medical Attendant but go not succeed.

    First of all they don’t release any form for this & of they do , there are so much of formalities which is difficult to comply for eg. Attached form wants a police verification of the doctors by the nearest police station , but police station dont verify this & replied that this should come from KV H.Q to Delhi Police H.Q & then it will be farwarded through proper channel. Sir, if a doctors is registered under Medical Council of India , his/her details can be verified, why police are involved? Doctors themselves are not obliged to get verified? Because of all this the letter is not forwarded to HO.

    Various organisation issue a list of doctors empanelled with them in the begining of the year, one of the list of doctors empanelled with Delhi University is attached for your consideration.
    Delhi government also had there empannelled doctors & hospitals, Ministry of Finance , Income tax, Delhi Jal Board etc.

    KVS also not clear on the medical reimbursement part & there is no clear procedure. Certain visit to KV HO, but request are paid on deaf ears.
    They also don’t clear whether in emergency KV employees can visit the CGHS empanlled hospitals or not

    Request you to please intervene & take up the matter with higher authorities so the employees of KV can get the medical treatment of them & their dependents.


  • sachin rana says:

    U r right your pay scale should be13054 + 4600 = 17654

  • NKS Gowda says:

    I joined as Principal scientist on direct recruitment at ICAR on May 2009 and my basic was fixed at Rs. 40890 and from July, 2009 one of my collegue, both of us joined for the service together in 1994, was promoted as Principal scientist on July 2009. His basic is fixed at Rs 43250. Now as per service, I am senior by 3 three months but my basic pay is lesser than him. Wherther our office can step up my basic to that of my junior collegue

  • Anand Madhav Salve says:

    My case is that as on 01.01.2006 I was Auditor (pay scale 4500-,the basic pay was Rs4650) as on 02.01.2006 I was promoted as Sr. Auditor (Pay scale Rs.5500) thus the pay as on 02.01.2006 was Rs.5500/- During May the results were declared and the promotion order dated 25.09.2006, I took over charge as SO on 28.09.2006. The 6th Pay was announced and the post of SO was merged with AAO. The AAO were entitled for the Entry pay of Rs.18150/-.
    My pay was fixed in 2008 as 6500*1.86=4800= as on 28.09.2006
    After clarification the pay was revised as 7500*1.86+4800.
    Again the pay was revised and the pay was pegged down as –
    Rs.5500*1.86+4400 +3% notional increment+ difference in grade Pay.
    I am suffer that the Pay of the DR are getting Rs.18150/- while I am getting Rs.15340
    The basic pay was pegged down by Rs.3410.
    The case is happened in my office only and other sister office my collegues are drawing Rs.18750/- plus yearly increment there on.
    The Defence Accounts, the Minister of State ahs clariifed the matter but still the decision/ OM / letter is yet to be received to my office.

    Anand Salve
    Please guide me.


    My basic pay was Rs 8300/- as on 01-01-2006,my junior basic pay was also Rs 8300/- as on 01-01-2006. Because of one time increment for increment between Feb to June, my junior’s basic pay has been increas,.ed from Rs 8300/- to Rs 8500/- on 01-01-2006. Thus my junior’s basic pay per 6 th Pay Pay commission has been fixed at Rs 15810/- as on 01-01-2006, where as my basic pay is Rs 15440/- as on 01-01-2006. Thus my junior is getting more pay as on 01-01-20006.
    In view of the above, please confirm that my pay is to be stepped up equal to my junior’s pay as on 01-01-2006.

  • ramkumarbishnoi says:

    sir ihave joined as lecturer in technical education haryana on4-1992 on regular basis and than joined as sr lecturer through direct recruitmenton 23-12-2004. i am getting pay band 3+gp7600 but my junior who joined on 5-1-1993 as lecturer on regular basis and promotted as sr lecturer on 1-1-2006. he is getting pay band-4 +gp 8700. weather my pay should be stepped at per with my junior and if yes then under which ryle

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