• prava says:

    When the transfer application form is comming.What are the changes in new transfer guideline as discused in101th BOG.

  • shreepati bhat says:

    Sh S S Mallik did some good thinks for all teachers in the past.Aikvta should have continued him, offering some post to avoid all this kind of mess and to maintain unity amoungs us.

    • pv dwivedi says:

      Mr. Bhat, not only S.S.Malik, you are also insulting the KV teachers by saying that aikvta should have continued him.This shows you do not respect democratic election process and the wish of majority of teacher delegates who exercised their voting rights to elect some one and reject some one. Why you ignore the happenings; Malikji called election at his place , election commissioner was his man. Still he lost election and after that he went to court. Is this a gentle manly character? As Gs aikvta it was his duty to work for teachers but that do not give him the right to lie, try to insult kv teachers by falsely claiming to have won the election. Are KV teachers so fool not to understand his and your character?

  • Dr. Usha Singh says:

    Mr. Shreepati bhat ji I do not want to enter in any controversy but the teaching community of KVS is not going to forgive or overlook the dirty approach of Sri SS Mallik and his supporters. Sri Mallik had never respected the decision of delegate convention in the form of Voting in election process duly and actively participated by himself in December 2012 but had preferred to drag the AIKVTA in unwarranted and arbitrary civil suit ,resulting into the wastage of time, money and energy of all members of AIKVTA. He has lost his moral to be associated with AIKVTA. his true personality has already been exposed.

  • kapil arora says:

    What people did you think about Sh B.V Pathak as GS

  • kapil arora says:

    I think Sh B.V Pathak has more experience and more confident than other what is the idea of other people,it should be considered than others?

  • mj says:

    Dear MR. Mazumdar,

    Today is the hearing in CAT PRINCIPAL BENCH ,DELHI of petition by aikvta v/s kvs on grant of 4600/- grade pay to prt teachers of kvs.

    Request to post the the update of todays proceedings at the earliest



    what is the news of yesterdays CAT hearing?

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