Transfer of about 1100 teachers who are less than 40 years of age have been ordered by KVS. This has led to many families(spouse cases) and other lady teachers facing lots of hardship. KVS transfer policy is totally oblivious/ indifferent to GOI guide lines and even its implementation is shrouded by non- display of displacement counts of less than 40 yrs cases. In no other department the spouse cases and lady employees are treated as harshly as in KVS. KVS should take care to recruit teachers on regional basis looking to projected vacancy position in the region rather than giving a rude jolt to existing very sincere work force by sending them to NE region, hard/very hard stations on the basis of age. The matter has been discussed at the highest level in AIKVTA and it has been contemplated to move appropriate Court of law from AIKVTA side to redress this major concern of Spouse cases and lady teachers in particular and cases less than 40 yrs in general. KVS should not and must not create a chaos by transferring so many people to hard stations on consideration of age, there by creating vacancies at general stations to fill in vacancies at hard stations/ NE region.

However AIKVTA wants specific requests from affected teachers with documents, to be addressed & sent to General Secretary AIKVTA, Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNU Campus, New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi-110067 as soon as possible so as to decided further course of legal action.

Who ever gets this message, please bring it to the notice of all affected teachers all over India immediately so as to facilitate expedited AIKVTA action on the matter…………………………….AS Mazumdar, President AIKVTA


  • C.K.V.Kurup says:

    Dear sir,
    We have to fight against the irrational, undemocratic unjustifiable and arbitrary transfers byall means. we have to support the teachers who got stay orders from the court financially, morally and legally and to get confidence from the members.

  • Abraham John C says:

    I wonder,how the Board Of Governers of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan is giving permission to implement such an inhuman transfer policy violating all Govt of India’s norms.

    Some of the teachers who got transfer(below 40 years case)about 11 teachers,who approached the honorable CAT at Ernakulam and easily got the stay order. But how many teachers can do like this? In any case the union must take up these type of cases and even the money being spend by them may be reimbursed by the union.

    The alternate transfer policy framed by the AIKVTA Chennai region will solve all the problems in one or two years after being implemented it. But,who is interested to solve the problems? Instead of solving really making the problems. Let us have some hope in the Lokpal Bill.

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      All KVS policies are first approved by BOG. Unfortunately AIKVTA has no representation in BOG which should be our first and foremost demand….Members of BOG cannot comprehend, so are oblivious to problems at grass root level.

      • Sudha Awasthi says:

        Sir as we are transfered here to serve this region then for what a deduction as PROFESSIONAL CHARGES is taken from us we are not willing to serve them we are forced to do so in favour of the public in these places.
        Besides this if we take a leave the SPECIAL DUTY ALLOWNCE is not given to us even in the Summer Break i.e. not our personnal leave. For What we have to pay these penalties just bcoz we are in KVS.

  • C.K.V.Kurup says:

    To other Units,
    we have decided to give Rs.5,000 each to the teachers of KV Calicut No.1 who went to the court for challenging the Transfer orders under 40 years.Three teachers got stay for 2 months from CAT Ernakulam Bench. please respond to AIKVTA’s call immediately . similar steps can be taken in other units too.Support and encourage teachers who come out to fight against injustice.

    • sudhir says:

      it is a googd step and we support the such kind of co operation wich u r providind to the tyeachers who are fighting against the victimization.

  • Nagesh says:

    Thank you for taking up but can we have the following details:
    * What type of documents that needs to be submitted?
    * What will be the fee that needs to be pad?
    * What is the individual role once the documents are submitted? (ie does he need to travel for this case)
    * What will be deadline for submitting all these?
    Because some of the teachers are asking these questions before they decide. This will also help them to understand the issues.

  • neelu says:

    How should i go through this procedure?

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      Just send a request letter stating the difficulties you face due to this transfer to the GS AIKVTA to take up your case with the appropriate authority/ forum and send the copy of your transfer order and any other representation to KVS if submitted..

      • Sudha Awasthi says:

        Sir, I m PGT(Comp. Sc.) transferred from Lucknow to NE region after my 3 years of service,while several other TGTs and PGTs are still on the same station with being transfered to any hard station.
        I am in faimily way and facing lot of problems in the absence of my parents and husband who can’t leave the native place.
        There are so many problems regarding medical facilities in this region.
        As well as no proper nutrition is possible here due to lackness of milk, vegetables and fruits in this region.
        Please guide me how can I proceed to go against this transfer.

  • Bhavna says:

    Can’t we raise this issue of unjustified transfers specially of ladies (under 40) in media so that ministry can be made aware about this inhumanity?

  • J m says:

    I am a lady teacher initially posted as TGT in shillong. After my selection as pgt, i am transferred out of north east to kolkata in public interest. Though i served only one year it should be considered as a ‘TENURE’ beacause I didn’t opt for transfer out of NER. After one year of my posting the SANGHATHAN transfer me. That time I was unmarried.Now I am married and having a son of six years.HOW MANY TIMES THE SANGHATHAN WILL POST SUCH TEACHERS TO NER WHO HAVE BEEN TRANSFERRED OUT OF NER IN PUBLIC INTEREST BEFORE COMPLETING THREE YEARS ? The CSIR-employer of my husband transferred him from Delhi to kolkata on spouse ground. But now Sanghathan again transfer me to NER. Now my husband will stay alone in kolkata. HAS SANGHATHAN GOT NO SYMPATHY FOR SUCH LADY TEACHERS. Please help me and other similar placed lady teachers.
    J Majumdar

  • J m says:

    Respected Mr. A.S.MAJUMDAR SIR, It is my humble request to place before the Competent Authority, KV Sanghathan the plight of lady teachers as transfer of lady teachers to hard, very hard or NER Stations completely devdstated a new family beyond repair.
    Working lady teachers usually get married around the age of 30. So they are just into family line when they received this bloody blow.
    This feaudalistic action of Sanghathan can be compared with .’SATI DAHA PRATHA’ and the single major reason for voluntary retirement of lady teachers.
    This my sincere request to bring the matter to the knowledge of Hon’ble minister Mr.KAPIL SIBBAL or Commissioner, KV Sanghathan who will definitely take some favourable actions on the appeals of lady teachers.


    As rightly spoken by Majumdar sir that regional recruitment may stop the rude transfer to NE\J&K.
    I strongly advocated for regional recruitment for NE/J&K region at our REC meetting Kolkata in the month of October 2010.
    There is grave unemploment problem in NE\JK area and there is no dearth of talent.Many a times KVS add the marks obtained in the Hindi language proficiency test to the written merit result.This policy must be scrapt to get regional balance in recruitmet from NE. State schools teaches English and regional language only, barring one or two. This is injustice to NE unemployed to expect to compete with students studied Hindi as one subject or medium.They can learn hindi after joining.
    AS of now Bed is not essentional qualification for direct recruitmet of PGT. Non Bed candidate from NE may be given oppourtunity to appear for TGT,PRT.
    Regional recruitment does not necessarily meance compromise with talent proper inservice traning may develope the essencial skill. Emploment to NE youth will reduce the violence and distarbence of that area and KV of that area will be full of staff.

    If the local teachers of NE get the chance to serve KVS there will be no force full nightmeare transfer from UP and other states to NE.
    The candidates may be given pre recruitment coaching by KVS to do better as it is done by SSC/PSC to SC\ST candidates.
    KVS is in not sympathetic to there employees. They do not listen to the problem face by the staff. So better to solve this bellow 40 trn problem I would like to request AIKVTA to apporoach the Hon’ble minister of DONER (Dev of NE Reg) Mr Handique and other Hon’ble MPs from NE to creat strong movement and pressur to Central Govt particularly KVs for local recruitmet of NE for the employment generation and fillup the vacancies with flexible qualification.
    Otherwise KVS will not listen to our cry and bellow 40 may be extended to 45 by the suggession of Defence representative of BOG.
    -SUBHASISH KARAK9851486607

  • Amulya kumar Barik.Pgt physics says:

    Respected,sir Iam mr Amulya kumar Barik age 39 is a visual impaired person my two daughters are suffering astama .father is very old I was unit secretary aikvta got transfer from kv keonjhar to kv agartala.apply for cancellation. Please help me other wise my two daughter will be in trouble.

  • Abraham John C says:

    All the teachers are requested to go through this site and encourage others to visit this site and react through this and to get enlightened.

  • j singh says:

    sir, as a kv teacher we feel great but, the transfer policy is very tough. its a weapon with some.some drawbacks i would like to bring to your notice.
    1. display of staff vacancy in school is not updated at regular interval.
    2.there is no region wise display that can help but then also regular updation of data is desired.
    3. very important a person at normal station at 5kms for home town and one at 2000kms away from home town get same weightage. points for distance say, 1 point for 100km like system will be good.
    4. serious illness is one, even parents are not included. i suffered. my father was ongoin radiation for cancer.
    5. some environmental problems like some have stone problem, if posted in iron or fluoride rich water region they are sure to die

  • k.Rangarajan says:

    Respected Mazumdar sir,

    My wife was originally posted on recruitedment in 2002 in Deoli KV, Rajasthan. AT that time we were newly married but however managed to send my wife alongwith my 2 year old son. I am LIC employee and was working at Chennai at that time. After two years of separation, we managed to get our transfer to Madurai KV II. Now again due to the rude transfer policies of KVS, my wife has been again transferred to Port Blair KV I under kolkatta region. It has put our family under great stress and trouble compelling us to think of resignation after putting 9 long years of service in kv. My son is studying in seventh standard in Madurai. There is no possibility of my shifting my family over to Port Blair. I fervently appeal you to take our case to the appropriate authorities and allow her to continue in Madurai itself to enable us to lead a normal family life. Can you give your contact number so that we can contact you. Thank you sir.

  • Respected sir i have joined on 24 july 2009 as pgt math at kv no2 kalaikunda. Now i Transfered to kv1 agartala. I want to persue B Ed at IGNOU.The last date for submission is 15 july 2011. As B Ed is required for promotion as well as for betterment of student I approach principal madam to allow me to appear entrance exam. But she told me 2 pgt out Of 11 has taken permission for higher education and denied to allow me. What is the rule for granting permission. Clarify soon.

  • Smt. Rajshree Nandy, PGT (Math) says:

    With due respect, please allow me to write the following grievances in the blog and if possible please reply to some of the points. I am a first-timer to such forum and hopeful that something definitely would come out of such discussion. My good wishes for such noble idea.

    i. Sir, DISPLACEMENT is for all practical purpose and in real sense is a TRAUMA for a lady teacher which if cannot be avoided but certainly be mitigated if post are either available in the same station or in nearby station.

    ii. When one has to move to a distant place physically for a prolonged period, human relationship is going to suffer no matter how much incentives or money you are paid for. The relationship with husband, children, in-laws are severely affected.

    iii. Social institutions like marriage, family crumbled like anything.

    iv. Why there will be displacement in the first place. This is not the conditions enumerated or explained properly in our appointment letter. If teachers are not available in a particular place or region, then region wise or cadre wise appointment may be made so that one would get to know that she / he belong to Assam cadre or Delhi cadre and will take a decision regarding joining or not joining the service.

    v. While writing this tear are coming to my eyes and for similar placed colleagues, as my family is in the brink of collapse. Since the news of my transfer to north east, we even hadn’t a cup of tea or dinner with my children properly. The daily normal routine has now gone haywire.

    vi. Sir, the Government from time to time brings out notification to increase the representation women in Government sector and makes provisions for posting of husband and wife in the same station. Even this condition has been made mandatory as per recommendation of the sixth pay commission and subsequent DOPT order in this regard.

    vii. Then why Sanghathan is oblivious to such government directives. Is Sanghathan is above the Government? Is Sanghathan is not financed by the Government? WHO IS THE LADY MEMBER IN THE BOARD OF GOVERNERS OF THE KVS. What was her stand when the new transfer policy was decided? What steps she took to protect the interest of lady teachers in view of Government policy in the matter of posting working women.

    viii. Now almost every one affected is making representation to Minister’s Office or to the Office of the Commissioner with the hope that some modification may happen. Who is responsible for creating such a chaos ?

    ix. Instead of bringing out innovative policy to solving the menace of ‘Transfer’, everyone is trying save his / her own skin. Even sorry to say our AKVTA Office bearers/Union leaders are demanding exemption from transfer. Sir Please demand equal treatment for one and all. Please try to solve the problem for one and all.

    Yours faithfully,
    Rajashree Nandy
    PGT (Math)

  • chandrakant Satpute says:

    Respected Mazumdar sir,

    My wife now transfer from …… (MH) to ……Orissa. I am working in Engineering college in Maharashtra (MH). Our problem is quit different. my wife taking treatment of IVF(Test tube baby) she is 38 year old. Doctor advice that after the crossing age 40 it is difficult to get baby through this treatment and KV transfer her under the 40 age group.

    1. For this treatment daily two injunction essential to take from doctor. that is a part of treatment.
    2. In the transfer place there is no any traveling services., we have to walk 5 km for hospital, Market, and any other work.
    3. she cant walk.
    4. There are no another lady staff in the school.
    5. No lady staff are there to discuss women problems.
    6. I don’t have mother father to stay with her.
    7. Treatment is must
    8. we are trying to modify in transfer place is it possible ?

    Please read and advice. what to do. and what you can do.

    Thanking you.

  • Nagesh says:

    Dear all,

    I am really sorry for the plight of people who expressed their personal issues here on this blog. No organisation would have allowed to vent these type of personal issues on a blog. Even in a capitalistic economy this would not have happened. Very sad at the plight of the people who are actually helping the society by educating children for betterment. I am sure people who have initiated this policy will not have any sympathies nor have time to review. If you look at what is happening now….
    Schools are working as normal, people who can report and who don’t want to waste 1 year service have reported with heavy heart cursing KVS officials. Rest using their precious earned leave expecting that some miracle will happen. I can only relate this whole 15 days of madness (after transfer announcement) with Amir Khan’s picture LAGAAN where people wait for rain….. looking at the sky…. but no rain….
    Do any one know why?
    Because they know they are shouting at a deaf ear…

    Why this is happening….

    Because people working in this organisation are not comprehensive enough on how to handle these type of issues and have no say in the organisation’s welfare policies!!!.

    (my apologies if I have hurt any one… after looking at each message every day thought of writing this)

    Kudos to you for creating this blog and site for expressing the minute and impossible things in each teacher’s life. It is indeed a great effort and idea to start this blog..
    Is the KVS is aware that this type of blog exists and people are writing some things that normally not discussed even with a 3rd person- not good for an organisation to read in a public domain!!!. I am sure the person responsible will atleast feel shy for a second when he reads about these teacher’s plight!!

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      KVS is aware of this web site of AIKVTA and the blog postings; I have officially informed it to KVS…..AS Mazumdar

      • Anjana says:

        After reading these messages/blogs I doubt if KV is good for ladies. Is there any ammendment in policies or not.
        What are the policies n how to know about them.

  • Rajshree Nandy, PGT (Math) says:

    Sir, the Government from time to time brings out notification to increase the representation women in Government sector and makes provisions for posting of husband and wife in the same station. Even this condition has been made mandatory as per recommendation of the sixth pay commission and subsequent DOPT order in this regard.

    The Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) O.M.
    No.7(3)E-Cord./2006 dated 22.07.2006 on economy measures advises all Ministries to review the transfer policies and the frequency and the periodicity of transfer of officials, as frequent transfers cause avoidable instability, resulting in inadequate development of expertise and grasp of the responsibilities, besides resulting in avoidable expenditure and personal problems caused to the transferred officer due to dislocation of family life and children’s education.

    it is also not fare in the part of KVS to enhance the age from 35 th 40 yrs for lady teachers to be considered for posting to hard, very hard and to north east as you can not equate physically and emotionally male and female employees of the age of 40. By the age 40, lady teachers have the responsiblity of running their family, education of their children besides taking care of elders in the family.

    Therefore, the Competent Authority, KVS may be requested to consider the appeals of lady teachers sympathetically for posting back in the same or nearby station (even by transferring teachers from nearby station to the same station so as to create vacancy in near bystation).

    Yours faithfully,

    Rajshree Nandy
    PGT (Math), Kendriya Vidyalaya

  • Smt. Rajshree Nandy PGT (Math) says:

    Respected sir,

    As per KV Hqrs. Notice No.1-1/2006-07/KVS (H.Q) (Estt.-II) dtd. 27.5.2011, ‘ EMPLOYEES HAVING TOTAL DISLCEMENT COUNT OF 20 WILL NOT BE DISPLACED. My total displcement count as notified in Kolkata region WEBSITE AND AS PER MY APPLICATION is 18 i.e below 20. Then why I was transferred to NER.

    Sir, Please clarify.

    Yours faithfully,

    Rajshree Nandy
    PGT (Math), Kendriya Vidyalaya

  • Smt. Rajshree Nandy, PGT (Math) says:

    Respected Sir,

    I express my deep gratitude for allowing me to write in your blog. Sir, aftr my transfer to north east i am always with the transfer guidelines, KVS notification and finding new things which is not have happened if KVS becomes more serious and sympathtic on the matter of transfer of lady teachers.

    i) Sir, if teachers are transferred in terms of 5 (b) and 7(f) of recent transfer guidelines, which provides for transfer of an employee to a location on ADMINISTRATIVE EXIGENCIES without having any regard to the displacement count or transfer count (both are related; employee having more displacement count are sure to have more transfer count) of the employee, then why Sanghathan makes it mandatory for all to fill up transfer application.

    ii) Sir, how can one make an ‘Application’ mandatory? How Sanghathan can force someone to fill up a transfer application form and then transfer her to far off places UNDER ADMINISTRATIVE EXIGENCIES. Sanghathan has a Personal Information System (PIS), where service details of all employees are given. If someone is to be transferred she should not be asked to submit her transfer application form. Because whether she fills up the application or not, in any case Sanghathan is going to transfer her under ADMINISTRATIE EXIGENCIES. I completely fail to understand HOW SANGHATHAN CAN TRANSFER LADY TEACHERS UNDER ADMINISTRATIVE EXIGENCIES without having any regard to their other responsibility of being a mother,wife, daughter who binds a family and keep it emotionally united.

    iii) Sir, teachers having higher DISPLACEMENT COUNT are sure to have more TRANSFER COUNT, whether one fill up part-c or not, as both are related.

    iv) Sir, in our case junior teachers having less TEANSFER COUNT THAN 18 AS NOTIFIED are accommodation in KVs of nearby stations where as Sr. Teachers having more TRANSFER COUNT THAN 18 and not desiring a transfer but given choice of KVs in Part-A of application form are transferred to hard, very hard and north east stations UNDER ADMINISTRATIVE EXIGENCIES.

    v) Sir, this is gross injustice and without any proper application of my mind in the part of Sanghathan. This violets the process of NATURAL JUSTICE.

    vi) Sir, I have DISPLCEMENT COUNT OF 18, which is less than 20 as per KVS notification 27.5.2011 and TRANSFER COUNT OF 21 i.e, more than 18 for request transfer. Sir having fulfilled all the condition for not to be displaced or even displaced to be considered for transfer to a nearby station, I am transferred to North east on ADMINISTRATIVE EXIGENCIES, where as my junior having transfer count of just 9 (required 18) is accommodated in a school of nearby station, although both of us mentioned the same station as our choice of KV in case of transfer in part-A of the transfer application form.

    vii) In the transfer Order dtd. 17.6.2011, there are senior teachers having more displacement count and transfer count are thrown to hard, very hard and north east, whereas junior teachers with less transfer count are accommodated in nearby schools or stations.

    viii) Sir, I am not against the transfer of my junior to the nearby station because she is a lady and I can equally understand her plight. Therefore, the Competent Authority, KV Sanghathan may be requested to consider any such cases in a sympathetic manner and not to transfer any lady teacher on ADMINISTRATIVE EXIGENCIES to hard, very hard and north east.

    Yours faithfully,

    Rajashree Nandy
    PGT (Math)

  • omprakash joshi says:

    i am presently in kv afs bhuj as tgt hindi. my younger child is deaf and dumb . i have 100% disability certificate of govt medical board. doctor advice me to admit him in special school of deaf and dumb in my mother tongue medium scool. my mother tongue is hindi and i am in gujrat . in bhuj there is no school for deaf and dumb. i am in great tension. i am worried about the future of my child. i have written so many times to our commissioner to transfer me in jaipur , ajmer, bhilwara in rajasthan. in jaipur ajmer and bhilwara there is special schools for such child but all in vain please help………

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      Please send all communications you have sent to Commissioner ,KVS with supporting documents to me; I shall try to raise the issue before the competent authority for necessary consideration of your case.

  • bindu shivrajan says:


    I just came to know about the official site of AIKVTA and i appreciate your efforts you are taking.
    i am also a victim of this so called policy of KVS.

    I was working in KV Durg as TGT Maths and now Iam Transferred to KV jagdalpur under 40 . Though I have joined Iam totally devasted away from my family and Two small children . How can a person deliver her best if we r not not in a proper mental state.

    I had tottaly accepted the policy trying to come in terms with it, But i feel the administers should know that initiating such kind of transfers can only bring in akind of distrust in the organisation and disinteret in the job.
    My post still lies vacant and my children of KV durg are suffering. What kind of juatice is being done?
    i want to make a representation , how do I do it?

    I know Iam late but i feel I’ll not be able to manage in this school away from the family?I cannot leave my job either. pl give some advice.

    what should I do?

  • Mr. Suresh Punia PGT (Geo) says:

    Respected Sir,

    The new transfer policy is effected from 1.4.2011. And the transfer order dtd.17.6.2011 is as per the said transfer policy. There are many teachers who did not apply for request transfer on the belief that any new transfer guidelinelines after submission of the transfer application forms would come into force from the next academic session i.e, 2012-13.

    The Sanghathan should have given some time as the transfer application have already been submitted by all teachers by the end of November or December 2010. So those who requested for transfer have been accommodated in near by places. And those who didn’t have been tansferred to North East/hard/very hard station on administrative ground as per latest transfer guidelines.

    So for some, the KV adopted the previous transfer guidelines and for some the KV adopted the recent transfer guidlines.So the KV authorities may be requested to keep the transfer order dtd. 17.6.2011 in abeyance and makes it effective from the next academic session after inviting fresh application as per new transfer guidelines dtd. 1.4.201.

    Mr. Suresh Punia
    PGT (Geo),Alwar,Raj


    1. I am pgt hindi and working in tamilnadu and my wife is working in kvs only as tgt Hindi in my native state We have passed hardly six month of marriage and we are not able to stay together. Being the provision in India that husband and wife should be placed together if both are working. even to our defence forces are taking care of it but the kvs is not following any policy.Some relaxation should be there but this policy does not say anything.

  • K Rangarajan says:

    Respected Mazumdarji, It is really saddening to see the plight of the teachers who are in a desparate situation of either quitting the job or the family especially in case of lady teachers. As a central govt public sector employee, my colleagues are astonished to hear about the place of posting on transfer especially in the case lady teachers. I am also a member of trade union organisation, where ladies are given utmost priority when it comes to place of posting. I earnestly request you sir to take the case of my wife smt padmapriya, tgt(eng) who was transferred from KV 2, Madurai (TN) to Port Blair I under Kolkatta Region, which is approximately 2000 kms from the existing place of work and which requires travel either by air or by ship. Thank you

  • BB maurya says:

    kindly provide e mail id of the all office bearer so that we can keep touch frequently .

  • KIRAN PATEL says:

    Sir, I was tranferred to NE under para9(3)(ii)(iii) from Bhopal region to Silchar Region . During my transfer my daughter was only 3 yrs old however I bought my family here but looking at the pitiest condition I had to send my family back to my hometown my wife stays alone in a flat along with my daughter recently my wife delivered baby on 19-6-2011 and after one year completion I have requested for any hard station in Gujarat Region . I have send advance copy as well as email to the officer incharge for posting to any clear vacancy but still no reply.
    After my wife’s delivery she is very weak with literally no one to take care of her I WANT TO ASK IF GOD FORBID ,LOSE MY WIFE WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR IT however I am requesting for hard station in my region only for which there is provision.

  • R Jayaprakash says:

    We have great hope from you.Please do something about this whole transfer policy, especially for lady trachers. After my transfer to itanagar, i feel like I am punished and stopped talking, eating, socialising with other peple. In my home my mother who is old and suffering age related ailments, is also crying everytime she calls me. My son is just five years old and stays with my mother.Please imagine HOW CAN I SURVIVE WITHOUT MY SON. A person can suruvue without every body but not without his/her children.

    Sir, I have applied for my modification, as posts are still vacant in same station.SIR I BEG YOU TO TELL OUR KVS AUTHORITY TO BE SYMPATHETIC FOR LADY TEACHERS.

    R Jayaprakash

  • prashant c. babhale says:

    respected shri. mazumdar sir,i am prashant c. babhale,prt working currently in kv dntewada, raipur region.i have been transferred from kv gulbarga bangalore region under 40 transfer guidelines. the transfer order published on kvs website on 17 june summer vacation was going on, i couldn’t know this. kv gulbarga principal didn’t inform me and when i reached kv gulbarga on completion of vacation, he didn’t relieve me till 30 june 2012. on 30 june 2012 afternoon, i have been relieved and i joined kv dantewada on 6 principal and higher authorities are telling frequently that my last year will not be counted as a part of tenure at the very hard station dantewada chhattisgarh. i have sent one representation to commissioner kvs regarding this grievence and to get transfer in 2013 but i have received no reply even after 2 months.can you take up my issue on the highest level. i am ready to send the copy of representation that i have already sent to the kvs.

  • R.Saminathan says:

    sir,What is the status of MACP and the reduce school hours?Is our union fight for it?Kim
    ndly respond .

  • gaurav says:

    don’t waste your energy and time in writing on this blog coz you are speaking to deaf ears.
    In my view , start writing letters to our hrd minister as she is also female,she will definitely understand our issues n start appealing for female banking employees rule for kvs in which they are posted at their hometown.
    Just start it after taking out 100 print outs n post one daily.

  • vineet says:

    Maine abhi PGT comp science ke liye apply kiya h, par ye discussion dekh kar to dar lgne lga h, ? plz advise ki KVS mein transfer policy itni buri h kya ? aur kya KVS me aana chahiye ya nahi ?

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      KVS is the pioneer school level academic institution and good teachers deserve to be on KVS rolls. There are certain constraints like initial posting to hard / NE region stations and transfers but you should join in case of selection in spite of those constraints.

  • Praveen says:


    My name is praveen Kumar and my wife had joined the KVS in Kolkata as a PRT on April 14, 2015. The medical conditions of my husband are serious. He has some internal injuries in his Pelvic region since past 4 years. Is this possible can my wife is transfer from Kolkata to New Delhi?

    Praveen Kumar

  • Savita Kumari says:

    Hello Authority,

    I would like to bring to your kind notice the plight of “Female Teachers” in “Kendriya Vidhalaya” who are badly Victimized of In-human transfer policies imposed by Kendriya Vidhalaya Sangthan. Here I am not talking about myself, I am trying to put view of Every Female Teacher who is associated with KVS.

    We heard proverb “Just below the lantern – lies the darkness”. This actually suits on KVS Female Teachers who leave their own kids and family and go other states for years to educate & lighten the path of childrens there.

    Teaching is such a noble profession and we are first in Crafting the Society by educating Children. We compete with Whole Nation and study harder to qualify the exam and get Selected in KVS., On the other side, People speak about Woman Empowerment and Government brings out notification and making policies to increase the Women presence in Government Sector but when I see in Kendriya Vidhalaya Sangthan I found everything adverse and no one is caring about Female Teachers who are foced to opt for transferable job and affecting the efficiency of her teaching. I wonder how the Board of Governor of Kendriya Vidhalaya allowing such irrational, undemocratic unjustifiable in Women case where they all know Women are spine of Family and her transfer is traumatic for everyone in family and lead disturbance. Social institutions like marriage, family crumbled like anything.

    On a Solution part, if it cannot be avoided but certainly be mitigated if post are either available in the same station or in nearby station. If teachers are not available in a particular place or region, then region wise or cadre wise appointment may be made so that one would get to know that she / he belong to Assam cadre or Delhi cadre and will take a decision regarding joining or not joining the service. It is really saddening to see the plight of the teachers who are in a desperate situation of either quitting the job or the family especially in case of lady teachers and then School says that we are lacking with teaching staff. HRD ministry should make transfer policy flexible for women employee in KVS so that they can contribute more instead of quitting jobs.

    In 2014 I joined as TGT Science Ahmadabad region and my domicile is New Delhi. I got this opportunity after many year of hard work and not in condition to loose and ready to get victimized of this rude transfer policy where I am leaving behind my ailing parents and small daughter.

    We have great hope from you. Please do something about this whole transfer policy, especially for lady teachers.

    Savita Kumari
    TGT Science
    Jamnagar AFS 1

  • Kamal Bajpai says:

    I was transferred on 30 th june 2014 to NE and joined the NE station on 5th July 2014. Will I be eligible for transfer in 2016 as the tenure requrement is now two year.I remember that there was a circular on KVS website in which it was mentioned that for transfer purpose the joining up to 15th July can be considered who were transferred on 29th june. If you have that circular, please send it on my email id.

  • madhumita ghosh says:

    Sir I am a assistant teacher under west Bengal government and my spouse is in bsf posted in Jammu.I am living alone with a lot of hardship.I want to take my transfer near of my in law’s house.pls help me .

  • Avinash says:

    I am 39 years 2 months old I am posted to NER can I apply and transfer before completing tenure on the basis of age.

    • deepak singh says:

      U can apply but u will not get 55 points before completing the tenure….u will get only 2 point for each year and on any other ground, if applicable.

  • Kamal kishor says:

    No my age is 42 years . I joined kvs in 14 oct. 2016. I want to know about my transfer.if any relaxation for me .please inform me . Thanks

  • Pritam says:

    Sir, I m prit and I got lost in Chennai region in October 2017.
    And my wife working in Delhi kv. So what the process of transferring to the Delhi as spouse Case. What are the possibilities.
    What are the rules of spouse Cases. Please sir help us.

  • Pritam says:

    Sir, I m prit and I got post-PRT in Chennai region in October 2017.
    And my wife working in Delhi kv. So what the process of transferring to the Delhi as spouse Case. What are the possibilities.
    What are the rules of spouse Cases. Please sir help us.

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