• C K V Kurup says:

    Dear office bearers,
    Please visit vidyalayas and complete the membership drive before 19th of July 2013 sine vidyalayas have to upload pay of the employees in the UBI portal before 19/20 of JULY.Let’s see that there is only one ASSOCIATION for teachers.the second ASSOCIATION has to get 15% of the strength of the teachers.Rise to the occasion and to visit every unit/Cluster/Region by the respective office bearers in the 1st week of July itself.Plan your action.
    A well wisher of AIKVTA, CKV Kurup, calicut.

  • Sekhar kumar says:

    some unit secretary are under suspention first try for their early revocation .suspention also exceed .180 days.

  • Sekhar kumar says:

    Due to the intervention of aikvta 5 suspened teachers in BBSR Region got immediate revocation so I can say it is their great success generaly revocation takes time

  • sugumaran k says:

    your appeal to P.M has two parts, MACP and CGH. The replay is only for CGH.
    Why dont you make one more appeal to P.M enclosing MHRD letter and requesting the
    P.M to intervene in the matter for early redressel.

  • Sekhar kumar says:

    Respected Majumdar sir The suspention of my friend elapsed 180 days .The suspention also not extended after the expiry of 90 days acording cca rule and similar court order an employee should be reinstant with 100% salary .But D.C. Bhubaneswar region sitting silently what is our next step please suggest.

  • sasmita says:

    actually aikvta working in true spirit or not it is a doubt.Whether regional secretary are doing something for teachers .simple writing comments in discussion forum is to make teacher fool. We have confidence on aikvta but we have to compare the work.when aikvta unable to revoke suspention of unit secretaries as stated by sekhar above what more can we expect.we know the teacher who help others and victim of a conspiracy by few negative attitude teachers who always try to spoil the school and to satisfy their own monopoly nes opposed by unit secretary.It does not mean that unit secretary tolerate negetive aspect of teachers always .Maintain a balance between staff and adminstration which took some colligues in revenge full mood and traped our unit secretary .Request aikvt should work in true spirit.

  • prabhat kumar says:

    kya ham employee utrakhand ke pirito ki madad nahi kar sakte hai ek din ki salary dekar. please send the proposal to KVS.

  • respected sir i have a question regarding transfer policy. a empolyee[TGT} of below 40yrs who served 2 yrs at hard station and got promotion[PGT] and transferred to hard station again ,whether the employee be eligible for his choice posting next year as he/she has completed 3 years in a row at hard station.

  • sekhar kumar says:

    We want Mazumdar sir to come back k.v. Again.After retirement still gazzing the problems of teacher in discussion forum and sending immediate reply. Thanq sir.

  • MAHESH K.V. says:


    I want to draw your kind attention towards wrong cancellation of Transfer orders to hard/NE/VHS UNDER 40 on the basis of tenure already completed.

    In most of case, tenure completed was along with Their First appointment, it means they got initial appointment in NE/Hard/VHS and after completion of 3 year tenure, they got choice posting.

    It means although they were low in merit list so got appointment in NE /hard and they are getting double benefit, completion of tenure of hard station as well as completion of tenure of first appointment. As in the appointment letter undertaking as well as in transfer policy transfer can only be requested after completion of 3 years from initial appointment in case of male teachers.

    It means, if a teacher appointed in 2007 in normal station can apply for transfer after 2010 , then will got transfer to Hard/NEH due to under 40 age and then will get choice posting after 2013 ( although he was in higher position in merit of exam).

    Whereas through same recruitment, if a teacher get first appointment in NEH area, his first appointment three year condition as well as tenure in NEH will complete simultaneously, and he will get choice posting in 2010 (although lower position in merit list).

    So double benefits should not be given. If a teacher completed tenure in Hard/NE areas along with first appointment condition only one benefit should be given. Their transfer order should not be cancelled. They should be sent to complete tenure as per under 40 transfer guidelines.

  • s k das says:

    if KVS is not adopting DPC BASED/SCREENING BASED LIMITED EXAM for promotion,then aikvta/group of senior teacher should file a case in CAT.I WOULD LIKE TO ASSOCIATE MYSELF FOR THE CAUSE.i’m not a kv teacher,for the reason i’m not filing the case on my behalf.

  • prabhat kumar says:

    क्या हम उत्तराखंड के पीड़ितो की मदद नहीं कर सकते । कचरा बीनने वालों ने 20000 भेजे । दिल्ली के जेल से कैदियो ने 20 लाख भेजा । इसे जिस लेवल पर उठा कर कर सकते थे तो हमे करना चाहिए था । हलकी aikvta के लिए 60 रुपए भी किसी को भरी लगता है वह एक दिन की सैलरी देना पड़े तो दर्द हो सकता है । सीआरपीएफ़ itbp ने कई जाने दी और एक दिन की सैलरी भी हम केवल ये नहीं कर सकते थे।

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      KVS should take initiative , form a cmmittee and inform about some special account where voluntary contributions from KV/ KVS employees can be deposited. Even if AIKVTA takes the lead,it may be difficult to reach the people in far off KVs and it may also be difficult to convince the usually suspecting teachers about the honesty of intention and action. Better KVS take the lead.

      AS Mazumdar, Ex-Member KVS

  • sharma says:

    past experience says,
    you will give kvs will eat

  • C K V Kurup says:

    Dear friends,
    One Sudhir Kumar has written in this blog under the caption”Court case filed for MACP” that MACP is not benificial and existing Sr.scale and selection scale is better,citing the example of TGT.
    But the fact is that with in 20 years TGTs will get GP 5400 under MACP.After 24 years only TGT will get 5400 in the selection scale.Then which is better?20yrs or 24 yrs forRs.5400/-
    under MACP scheme,one should not acquire any additional qualification in the feeder category,20% restriction is not there,21 days in-service course is not mandatory,FR22a(1) that is one increment benifit.
    In sr.scale no fixation benifit,only next GP,for getting Selection scale 3 conditions are to be fullfilled.It is not a time bound,only 20% post of the Sr.scale,higher qualification,21 days in-service course requirement.
    Therefore,Teachers should not be confused.This matter is in the CAT,Ernakulam.
    CK V Kurup, calicut.

    • sekhar kumar says:

      Kurup sir please explain what is MACP.and difference with other scales.beacause maximum teacher donot know about MACP.

  • C K V Kurup says:

    Dear sir,
    It is difficult to explain the scheme of MACP in few lines.It is better to read the following circulars which are available in KVS website under old Circulars(Admn).Pl.read them thoroughly.
    2.No.35034/3/2008Estt(D),GOI,M.D.O.P.T 19th May 2009 which is annexed with S.No.1.
    The 4th CPC recommended Sr.scale and selection Scale for the teachers as they were not getting promotion and most of them were stagnated.This is granted after 12 years and again after12 years in the Sr.scale.Sr.scale is not a time bound as I explained earlier.
    But 5th CPC introduced another scheme for C.G.Employees.12 years 1st ACP and after12 years 2nd ACP.The residency period of ACP was similar to grades given to the Trs in the 4th CPC.Therefore,KVS did not implement ACP to teachers.But ACP was different from sr.scales and Selection scales.In ACP,an increment,not less than 100 was available,but in Sr.scale no such benifit under the presumption that there is no additional responsibility.I got only Rs.10 when I was awarded Sr.scale.But some teachers did not get anything as they were having same stage in the pay scale.Had I got ACP I would have got Rs.100/-instead of Rs.10/-
    The 6th CPC recommended Modified Assured Career Progression(MACP) instead of ACP.In ACP only 2 grades,(12+ 12 Years).In MACP 3 grades(10+10+10 Yrs.)But MHRD has not implemented this MACP to KV teachers.It is under active consideration since 2011.That is why we filed the case in Hon’ble CAT Ernakulam and it has been posted to 22 July 2013.MHRD,Finance,DOPT,KVS have to file the statements.Then only the case will be heard on the above date.
    I thank you for the interest shown to know about MACP.
    Pl.read the original circulars of ACP and MACP.
    C K V Kurup,Calicut.

  • sugumaran k says:

    My dear friend Mr.sekhar kumar,

    i feel very sad to say that being a male teacher you are asking what is ACP and MACP,

    Mr. kumar, my kind advice to you from my personal experience is

    learn the rules and regulation as much as possible and up to date.
    if others know that you are well aware of rules and procedures,
    you will hav respect in your office and principal and
    nobody will try to cheat you.

    so,my dear friend start from today.
    all the best

    • sekhar kumar says:

      I am awar of all the rule and regulation but what wrong thing I have posted .Many time some teachers asking me even the full form of MACP.you may be an experienced teacher but discussion forum give information to all.and it is a learning source. To learn a thing their is no discrimination of gents and ladies as stated by you in your comment

  • mukundan says:

    What happened to the CAT Case , the last hearing was supposed to be on 26th of this month. We have already worked for more than a year in the new timing, are we to continue like this for ever????????????

  • Prashant says:

    Respected sir
    Is it necessary to complete one year stay at the initial appointment place by a newly
    recruited kvs employee under zonal system to apply request transfer or No taker vacancy in spouse case also (spouse in central govt.)?
    Kindly reply

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