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  • C K V Kurup says:

    Court Cases.
    It is very unfortunate that the retired employee has to go to court for getting the terminal benifits.The pension process starts before three months prior to the retirement.Then how sangathan can delay the payment?In fact, sangathan is not very curious to address the welfare of the employees.Many regional office have under staff and not interested to fill them either by giving promotion or making fresh recruitments.Atleast those post can be filled by giving adhoc promotions till the permanent arrangements are made.these cases are arising due to contractualisam or adhocisam of the management policy.
    Now the CAT has directed to pay the interest to the employee.Who will pay this amount?Deputy Commissioner or the dealing hand or the commissioner?
    C K V KURUP, Calicut.

  • Md. Abdul says:

    PGTs are not entitlrd to avail Compensatory casual leave. Is there any circular regarding this? If yes please send.

  • shaji says:

    The poor counsel for KVS saved by presenting in a sober manner or costs would have also be imposed by the Tribunal. KVS, instead of understanding the plight of the pensioner(who still has not got her pension(according to the judgement) and paying interest of Rs.16000/- and directed by the Tribunal may try to engage a counsel by paying even more amount to file an appeal in the High Court, to trouble the kv pensioner who had selflessly served kvs for the past years.
    it seems that only courts can only save the kvs employees as kvs is diseased by maladministration and good governance is just a mirage in kvs

  • Archana Guptha says:

    What a pity of KVS administration. This poor employee has to file an OP for getting her dues on time. This is one case out of hundreds .

  • Dinesh Kuamr Chaudhary says:

    How can we get a copy of Court/ CAT decision??? I need a copy of CAT decision of Supriya Dali v/s Commissioner KVS 2003 & Mrs. Suchitra Dhar v/s Commissioner KVS 2005 regarding forcibly allotment of staff quarters???

  • biswajit sarker says:

    will u pls tell me…what is the requirement for getting computer advance?

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