Due to persistent efforts of AIKVTA , KVS has taken up the the matter of one more opportunity to old  CPF optees to opt for GPF  with MHRD. File No. 1-10/125/2011-12/conversion with positive inputs from KVS has been submitted to JS, MHRD in charge of KVS (Sh.Apurv Chandra, IAS). Hope the highest authority in MHRD will take a judicious and compassionate view on the matter….AS Mazumdar, President AIKVTA


  • P K SHARMA says:

    long cherished dream of all cpf holders likely to be fulfilled

    • It is the great news and hope it would come true thanks to aikvta

    • Paramjit Kaur says:

      Dear sir/madam

      I am working as Headmistress in Punjab Govt aided school.I joined as s.s. mistress on 12.10 1988.unfortunately idid not opted pension scheme in1992. now I want to get conversion of c p f to g.p f. can u guide me

    • Mrs Dolat Kuriakose says:

      Now it is more than a year and the news granting one more option from CPF to GPF seems to have died down.It has not even been taken up in the recent BOG meeting!is there any hope ?

  • Respected Sir,

    It will be great achievement of AIKVTA if we get one more opportunity to opt form CPF to GPF switch over. Be positive hope god will helps us. Beware anti association persons . They will try to took credit. We know that it is possible due to totally yours efforts. Thank you sir . Keep it up. We all K.v.teachers of Jaipur Region thankful to you for this effort.

    Asstt. G.S.(H.Q.)
    AIKVTA,Jaipur Region



  • Madan Singh says:

    Thanks for taking a lot of efforts to achieve the conversion from cpf to gpf by our honourable President A.S.Mazumdar sir. This is big news for us.
    Thanks a lot

  • s bhat says:

    It is a good news for kvs cpf holders . I personally thank our aikvta president and other office bearers for this . Kindly take care of cpf holders ,Hope the result will be in favour of us .

    • विजय दुबे says:

      केन्द्रीय विद्यालय संगठन के सक्षम अधिकारियो ने इस बात के लिए अपनी पीठ थपथपाई कि उन्होंने वर्ष २०१० में ७३ नए केन्द्रीय विद्यालयों की स्थापना की |चुनिन्दा विद्यालयों को अगर छोड़ दें तो चिंतनीय स्थिति यह है कि नवस्थापित शिक्षा केन्द्रों के लिए ५ एकड़ जमीन मयस्सर नहीं हो पा रही | अस्थायी भवनों का हाल यह है कि ये इतने छोटे और जर्जर हैं कि एक संवेदनशील इंसान उसमे जानवरों को न बैठने दे जहाँ मुल्क के भाग्य विधाता शिक्षा अर्जन को विवश हैं | अधिकांश विद्यालयों में पदस्थ हैं प्रतिनियुक्ति के प्राचार्य जिनका ज्यादातर समय बीत जाता है इन्वर्टर युक्त कमरे में बैठ अपने टी०ए० /डी०ए० के गुणा भाग में और पूरा ध्यान रहता है खरीददारी पर| जिन शिक्षको को होना चाहिए कक्षाओ में वे ढोने को मजबूर हैं कोटेशन की फाईलों को चेयरमैन तक | सुनने को विवश हैं प्रशासनिक अधिकारियो की उलाहना और झिडक| नवीन विद्यालय स्थापित करने की अधिकारियो के शौक ने स्टाफ रूम व स्थानाभाव में पसीने से लथपथ बौधिक मजदूरी को विवश शिक्षको की हालत को जरूर चिन्तीय बना दिया है |

  • venkateswarlu says:

    It is good news for all CPF holders and i personally thank to all our office bearers.
    regional Secretary,
    AIKVTA (HR) ad-hoc

  • KK Thomas says:

    Dear sir,
    It is a very very good news for all the CPF holders of KVS . let the almighty bless you and the authorities for this help. We all will remember you in our retired life. Our special prayer and gratitudes are there for the MHRD to grant this facility to this poor employees of KVS.Let the almighty god showered his blessing to all the officers of MHRD/KVS and those worked for this.

  • Kochu Rani says:

    Dear sir,
    Our special thanks to the president , AIKVTA and officers of KVS for taking up the issue once again with MHRD. Hoping the officers of MHRD may sincerely help us to to live after our retirement. All the CPF holders will be ever grateful to all .

  • NARINDER says:

    Dear sir,
    Thanks for the efforts.We are eagerly waiting for the decision in favor of us.

  • Geethanjali M S says:

    Dear Sir,
    hope the dream will come true now..let us wait for the positive update..in the meanwhile we all thank AIKVTA president and other office bearers for all the efforts they took.

    Mrs. Geethanjali M S
    PRT, KV1 Palakkad, kerala

  • choodamani B says:

    Dear sir,
    I would like to send a copy of theIndian Banks Associations letter of 2010 allowing CPF optees to switch over to pension sckeme.
    I need your email ID to forward the copy to you.
    Thanks & regards
    Choodamani B
    PRT,KV.Koliwada ( Mumbai)

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      Thanks,you need not send the same since I have that with me and I submitted that to KVS, Vice Chairman KVS and other Officers along with some more supporting documents.

      • malati misra says:

        where is the concern dept and contact if u have.
        I need to know about my payments.

      • Prem Krishnan says:

        Dear Mr.Mazumdar,

        I have documents obtained uder RTI Act from MHRd, and six old IITs Khragpur,Madras,Mumbai,Kanpur, Delhi anf Roorkee, where such conversions have been permitted evel till November 2010, including C&AG audit objections raised on this, and all IIT Faculties have been given nthis conversion facility from CPFG scheme to Pension scheme, even nthough majority had opted in writing to stay back in CPFG scheme,, way back in 1990s when Govt, gaveoption for them to change over to Pension scheme. Inspite of MHRd fully aware of this they have allowd such conversions.MHRD seems to be using two different ways of dealing with IIT Faculty and other Teachers of Central schools, both being funded by same dept.

        I can email you the scanned relevant documents, which perhaps might help in forcing the MHRD to agree to your request.

        Kindly reply email giving your contact cell number

        Prem Krishnan

        • We the faculty of NIRD are also struggling to get another opportunity to opt from CPF to GPF. Ours is a small organisation governed by Ministry of Rural Developemnt, GoI. Way back in 1985 GPF was introduced to NIRD. Some of us did opt CPF and realized in the year 1990 and start representing our Governing Council but in vain. Out of about forty opted out of GPF now only fifteen are still left and keeping hopes that we may get another option.
          I request you on behalf of those few faculty who are in CPF to send us a few documentary references so as to build the pressure on our body. Though, NIRD is under MoRD, but it is still considered as an autonomous body.
          Thanks for efforts and looking forward to be in touch with you try meeting during our next visit to New Delhi.
          Best Regards
          Y.Gangi Reddy

        • Dear Sir
          I am Director presently working in national Power Training Institute(Ministry of Power,Govt of India)would like to change over from CPF to GPF scheme.Request you to send scanned copies of relevent documents to repersent in my organization.
          With thanks
          A G vinchurkar

        • s.m.shariff says:

          Dear Prem Krishnan,Kindly send me the documents you have obtained related to from cpf to gpf pension scheme to my email address; smshariff1941951@gmail.com
          iam thinking to go to cat-S.M.Shariff

        • Prof Singaperumal says:

          Dear Mr Prem Krishnan,
          If you still have all the documents you obtained uder RTI Act from MHRD, and six old IITs Khragpur,Madras,Mumbai,Kanpur, Delhi and Roorkee, where conversions from CPF to Pension have been permitted till November 2010, including C&AG audit objections raised on this, can you please send me the copies. I am helping some of my colleagues who want to seek a legal remedy.
          Thanks and Regards

        • Samayan. V says:

          Dear sir

          Thank you very much forthe infomation regarding CPF to GPF in IITs.
          Please I will be grateful if you send me the related scanned copies.

          Thanking you

          Cell No.: 09445404145

      • Respected Sir,

        We are working in National Institute of Industrial Engineering,Powai, Mumbai Autonomous body of MHRD ministry. Sir both of us are working since 1986/1992. Starting of our service we have filled the CPF form but after that we have not received any option form to switch over from CPF to GPF. Along with us there are few staff and faculty members. We have tried from our side with the ministry but unfortunately not received any favorable answer. Our board has also approved our matter and our institute is also willing to take the financial burden.

        We request you if possible please give us your valuable suggestion in this matter. Please give us your email so we can send u mail in this matter.

        Thanks & regard

        Ms Bhagyshree Korday & Mr. Baban Hawelikar

    • Paramjit Kaur says:

      SIR, Please send me a copy of Indian banks associations letter of 2010 allowing cpf optees to swith over to pension scheme.

  • Bharti says:

    The increased time have spoiled our daily life and how kvs thought the after teaching 8 period teacher are in so fresh mental state so the can prepare the lesson for next new day. we have to prepare for next day by spending more time at home this have make our life totally rest less. Even group D employee are coming 1/2 hour before and leaving school after half hour so they are working more than nine hour it is total exploitation of all people serving in kvs.Even no of teacher are alone at their job place so they have to cook their food own u know we cant do this early in morning so after reaching three we are cooking food and taking our lunch at five please do some thing as early as possible this cant run for long time.

  • c s satish says:

    It is really very good news for the cpf holders.I personally thank our aikvta president and other office bearers for this . Kindly take care of cpf holders ,Hope the result will be in favour of us .

  • r keari says:

    We the staff of K V VSN NAGPUR thanks u making the effort for CPF suffers.

  • sunil pareek reg sec jaipur says:

    sir, thanks a lot for your efforts. More than 2500 employees of kvs will be benifited by this scheme.lets hope the same favour in case of timings also.


    A very good news for all C.P.F Holders.We have been financially discriminated.Hope all of us endeavour
    to get a fruitful result

  • V.N.N.Murthy says:

    Respected Sir ,
    Every day iam praying God to give good thought for the decision makers in KVS for taking positive decision on humanaterian ground . Iam thankfull to you for taking intiative & doing needful steps for giving opertunity to convert from CPF to GPF. Iam with you in this matter.

  • N K VIMALA says:

    Congratulations to AIKVTA and thanks for the positive response from KVS.

  • Naresh Kumar says:

    Sir, by seeing the change in attitude for the CPF holders, there are more hopes to be pardoned very soon…it seems so… or KVS Has to implement the full fledge RTE.. no other chance..

  • biswajit sarker says:

    Dear majumdar sir
    Please help me any way for transferring to my choice station. Sir, I am continuously staying 4 years at NEH station (681). In this year my transfer count is 59.I have given 5 choice stations in my transfer application form (150,700,140,704,699).out of these 5 choice station only (150)choice-1 is vacant. But another teacher from KV Hasimara (transfer count-69) his home town is at nearby kv alipur duar(140) just 15 km from his hometown. Actually he wants for transfer to KV Alipur Duar.(only 15km from kv Hasimara).But another teacher posted at KV Alipur duar(140) wants for transfer at KV Cooch Behar(150) and his transfer count is 36.They planned to block my choice station(150),after that they will exchange with each other. That’s why teacher posted at KV hasimara(40km from KV coochbehar) filled up 3 choice station like(140,700,150).
    Sir, My wife has been suffered 2 times from jundis and my daughter (2 yrs old) suffered two times from typhoid diseases caused by drinking water. I am also suffering from serious back pain due to non availability of good treatment.
    I also look after my parents who are staying alone at home town cooch behar(20 km from KV Cooch behar-150).My father is 67 yrs old retired person is suffering from high BP and Heart diseases.They do not have any one to look after them except me.
    Therefore I request you to kindly do something in favor of me for transfer at my hometown and nearby.
    Biswajit Sarker
    Emp code-43850
    KV goalpara,Assam
    Guwahati Region

  • Sasidharanachari KVErnakulam says:

    Teachers and students of KV Ernakulam Kadavanthra bids adieu to Mr. V.J.Sasidharanachari,TGT(H) on 15-05-2012 in connection with his superannuation after 34 years of commentable service. Mr.Sasidharan, a multi-lingual scholar-Hindi teacher of KV Ekm is author of the Mal-Eng-Hindi dictionary,published by the DC Books International. He is the senior VicePresident of AIKVTA CHER,Co-ordinator of Central Govt.
    employees Co-ordination Committee Ernakulam Dist.,the President of KeralaViswakarmaSabha Udayamperoor as well as member of its Taluk Union Executive. He holds the Himalayan Wood badge title of BS&G has recently won the Regional Award of KVSCHER BS&G Chennai Division

  • r.patkar says:

    good morning,i would like to know that Is EWS comes in saving criteria in income tax form?

    • Reeta says:

      संगठन के अधिकारी शिक्षकों की शिक्षण योग्यताओं एवं कुशलताओं पर हमेशा सवालिया निशान लगाते रहें हैं पर वे स्वयं काठ के पुतले है| यह कोई नहीं जानता, यह जानने कि अभिलाषा भी किसी को नहीं है | वर्षों से रौब गांठकर रिवोल्विंग चेयर नाचने वाले ये अधिकारी कार्यालयी स्टाफ के बिना विकलांग हैं | उपस्तिथि पंजिका पर केवल हस्ताक्षर करने तथा कार्यालयी अभिलेखों पर चिड़िया बैठाने का कार्य कर संगठन को लाखो का चूना लगाने वाले इन प्राचार्यो और उपप्रचार्यो की पो़ल उन विद्यालयों में खुल जाती है जहाँ पर कुशल क्लेरिकल स्टाफ की तैनाती नहीं होती |प्रवेश का मामला हो या पर्चेसिंग या फिर कोई और मुद्दा ये अधिकारी लगाते रहते है फोन अन्य शिक्षा केन्द्रों के अधिकारियो को किन्तु जब राय देने वाले को भी जानकारी नहीं होती तो इन्हें शर्म आये या न आए समाज के सामने शर्मनाक स्तिथि जरूर उत्पन्न हो जाती है | क्या संगठन को अपने अधिकारियो को प्रशिक्षित नहीं करना चाहिए |

  • N C BHAGYA says:

    A very good news for all C.P.F Holders.We have been financially discriminated.Hope all of us endeavour
    to get a fruitful result

  • MUKTHA M says:

    A very good news for all C.P.F Holders.We have been financially discriminated.Hope all of us endeavour
    to get a fruitful result

  • C.Pradhan says:

    It’s a great news for us for which all the credit goes to AIKVTA. Hope MHRD would consider giving one option of changing from CPF to GPF.

  • Gurung says:

    The KVS has published a set of letter sent by the DOPT to all Gov’t Dep’t(on its web site) stating the illegality of strikes as per conduct rules and as per judgements on this issue by the judiciary.The DOPT avers that all outstanding issues can be addressed by through the JCM which is the route to sort things out.In this connection ,you own efforts to have this JCM constituted ,need to be coomended.It is of course sad to know that our Dep’t cares a pittance for the JCM.The DOPT in all probability thinks that the JCM is in existance in the KVS.

  • congratulations to aikvta for positive efforts in your leadership mr mazumdar this is good news for cpf a/c holders


    Dear sir,
    It is a very very good news for all the CPF holders of KVS . let the almighty bless you and the authorities for this help.

  • dear sir
    thanks a lot for making efforts for CPF optees to opt for GPF

  • rajani reddy says:

    Great effort. thanks a lot for all your efforts.all the cpf optees join me in thanking you for your relentless striving for the teachers


    Please do needful to help the deprived teachers who are still in the C.P.F. SCHEME.

  • s. ram manohar says:

    I am very much thankful to AIKVTA for taking all efforts for cpf optees. May God bless you with
    every thing you wish.

    Thanking you,

    S. Ram Manohar

  • S.K.MESYON says:

    Dear Sir,
    May GOD Bless our AIKVTA President, office bearers,KVS authorities and MHRD for this judicial act further to imply it.
    June 25 2012 12:35PM

  • indu hali says:

    dear sir,
    Thanks for the efforts you have made.we are all hoping results in our favour.

  • Kavitha Harish says:

    Dear Sir:

    I am a staff of IISc which is Autonomous Body of Central Govt.
    I opted for CPF when I joined Institute in the year 1992.
    I wish to change my option to GPF, is this rule applies to all the Central Govt employees?
    Please let me know!!!


  • S Borah says:

    Dear Mr Mazumdar,

    Request you to let me know if the opportunity of converting CPF to GPF (if implemented)can be availed by retired teachers too.

    Thanks in advance,
    S Borah

  • K K Thomas says:

    Dear Mazumdar Jii
    A charitable society named Kendriya Vidyalaya C P F subscribers welfare society has been registered under society’s act to tackle the problems of KVS CPF Subscribers. All the CPF holders serving/retired may join. For further details pl send self addressed stamped Rs.10/= envelope 23cm *15 cm on the following address.
    The Secretary, KV CPF SWS,XIV/32,Kudilil,Kalampoor (PO),Piravom,Ernakulam, Kerala – 686 664.

    You are also requested to publish in your Web site too

    With regards
    KK Thomas

  • Sir,
    I am very happy to know that the KVS is going to help us in converstion CPF To GPF. We hope this time some positive message will get. AIKVTA & KVINSTA JINDHABAD.

  • Akshay says:


    Nice to hear. Will it be applicable to IIT and NIT teachers

    Akshay K

  • malati misra says:

    Hello, can anyone suggest me how to get the status of our CPF – GPF transfer?
    And where is the concern dept for query these matter?
    I am still waiting for some help…

  • A.Raman says:

    Any news on such conversios to NIT and IIT teachers

  • Thanikachalam says:

    It appears IIT council would meet in December under the leadership/ chairman of the council, Honorable Minister for HRD to decide to give one more option to IIT faculty members to change from CPF to GPF.
    Kindly follow it and bring the change for all teachers under MHRD.

  • Radhakrishnan says:

    We are from Pondicherry Engineering College, looking for the valuable letters/materials pertaining to this subject for conversion from CPF to GPF, so as to take this matter. Kindly mail it to priyanaveenpk@pec.edu. Thanks and regards.

  • sailaja nayak says:


    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      see minutes of JCM meeting posted on this site to get informed, AIKVTA is trying hard( even KVS also) but ultimately GOI has to take the final call on the matter.

  • Ms. Bindu Sinha says:

    I have been struggling for a long time for this conversion from CPF to GPF. I am glad you have managed to get the approval process to an advanced stage. I think the Govt. needs to be non-discriminatory in their decisions. It cannot be yes – except for all – not by any selective process , since our old age depends on a Pension in consideration of the steep rise in living costs. I wish you all success in your endeavours with the Ministry officials.

  • S K Verma says:

    Dear Mr Mazumdar, Thanks for your efforts put for benefit of all KVS employees who could not shift from CPF to GPF in time. I have seen your response as “Perhaps No” to a question asking whether this facility will be made available to already retired KVS employees. As the employees retired are also from your fraternity, why their interest also should not be looked into by your association to whom they were members when in service.I request you to please include them too in your appropriate demand. God bless you.

    • A.S.Mazumdar says:

      In spite of all out efforts,being pragmatic, I had to use words ” perhaps no” because of Govt. negative response to very positive stand taken by AIKVTA & KVS. All the more after my retirement & I not being a CPF optee have no locus standaii to take up the matter in any forum except for helping other organisations who are fighting for the cause.I too wish all should be given a chance to opt for GPF retrospectively to benefit from the pension scheme.

  • surjit says:

    Dear sir It is great news. If it is done . When and How a retired person can apply

  • john sundar says:

    Any development in CPF conversion to pension

  • Prof VK Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir
    We are also struggling for one more option for CPF to GPF covnersion.Request to inform us about any recent development in this regards.
    ISM TA Dhanbad

  • Prof VK Srivastava says:

    Mr Majumdar
    Request Prem krishnan to e mail me all the relevent papers from IITs as has been obtained by him and noted here on this site for our perusal and further action pls.
    e mail :ismkvinay@gmail.com

  • prlgupta says:

    dear shri mazumdar, please get the details of decision in respect of some employees in cpf may get benefit, Please refer to the The case nos. A.P.VERMA ….. Petitioner versus NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & TRAINING ….. Respondent ,W.P.(C) 8491/2011 And also
    A.K.SACHETI ….. Petitioner versus NATIONAL COUNCIL OF EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH & TRAINING ….. W.P.(C)s 8489/2011 & 8491/2011 in delhi high court decided on 25th feb 2013 wherein operative part is: Therefore, when similarly placed employees of the respondent have been extended the benefit, it would be unreasonable and improper to deny to the petitioners the benefit of the GPF/Pension scheme merely because they were earlier engaged in the service of the respondent NCERT. In this behalf we must observe that the petitioners had been put on probation for a period W.P.(C)s 8489/2011 & 8491/2011 Page 10 of 11 of two years subsequent upon their appointment to the relevant post in PSSCIVE, Bhopal. The Tribunal failed to appreciate that it is settled law that once a person is appointed to a substantive post through direct recruitment in an open selection after competing with internal and external candidates the appointment on the said post is a fresh appointment. Therefore, in our opinion, the petitioners have been subjected to hostile discrimination, although they were appointed by the same recruitment procedure as others, only because they were working with one of the establishments of the respondent earlier. In our view the same constitutes unequal treatment amongst equals and is violative of Article 14 of the Constitution of India.
    14. We, accordingly, allow the writ petitions and set aside the order of the Tribunal. Consequently, the respondents are directed to extend all the benefits of the GPF/Pension Scheme after making necessary deductions to both the petitioners. No costs.”

    pl see if some people can get some early relief from such decision


    Dear Majumdar Sir,
    This time we are very happy this case moved with a positive mode.
    Sir, please follow the actions of the case KVS level as well as Ministry level.

  • Joseph says:

    Such conversion has been given in NIT agartala and Kurushetra even for people who had retired earlier based on court verdict


  • I am Principal Director working in NATIONAL POWER TRAINING INSTITUTE under Ministry of Power, Govt of India have opted for cPF scheme due to prevailing conditions at that time. Since the leaving conditions have been changed, it is not possible to survive after retirement with mare CPF benifits. I am also interested to convert CPF to old pension scheme. AIKVTA is doing good job to achieve noble cause.My case also may be considered or please guide me in this matter to approach the appropriate authority. I congratulate Shri A S Muzumdar.

  • S,M.SHARIFF no.145kvs cpfsws says:

    Sir,AIKVTA is doing good job ,in connection with one more chance to cpf holders, to convert in to pension scheme.Thank you.-S.M.SHARIFF


    I am working in Damodar Valley Corporation(DVC).When i have joined i have opted CPF scheme.Sir,Please give us a last chance to convert cpf to gpf scheme for DVC.


    In DU, our able administrators have done the following interesting things:-
    Many of the employees, who did not specifically opt for CPF between 01.05.1987 to 30.09.1987 (and thereby making themselves eligible ‘automatically’ for GPF/Pension) have been placed in CPF due to some illegal options given subsequent to the cut-off date viz., 30.09.1987;
    A large number of employees, who opted for CPF between 01.05.1987 to 30.09.1987 (and thereby making themselves ineligible for GPF/Pension) have been placed in GPF/Pension by way of subsequent options, which are invalid; and
    Some of the employees have neither been given CPF benefit nor Pension for reasons known to GOD only.

    You may please have a close look at the judicial interpretation given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in Union of India v. S.L. Verma (2006), which lays down the law of the land at present.

    Please keep me informed with the developments at your end. It may be better if you may please forward this mail to as many of your friends and colleagues as possible to motivate them to come out of their ‘comfort zone’ and raise their voice for a genuine cause.

    Prof. Amar Nath Gupta
    University of Delhi.
    Mob. 98713-59739, 84479-56768

  • c s satish says:

    Let us hope it will finalise before election


    Respected Sir,
    I am a member of AIKVTA since 1986 to till now.I am a CPF optee W.E.F Aug.1984(D.O.J)
    It is a BOON,for all CPF optees,teaching and non-teaching staff to switch over to GPF.FURTHER it would be benificial to support family members also after retairment.My heart felt THANKS TO YOU &YOUR CONTINUOUS EFFORTS.

  • pk jha says:

    अद्वितीय भारत के महान प्रधान मंत्री महोदय जन मन की पीड़ा को समझने वाली मानव संसाधन विकाश मंत्री से विनम्र निवेदन है की जवानी से बुढ़ापे तक केन्द्रीय विद्यालया की सेवा करने वाले किसी कर्मचारी को बुढ़ापे का सहारा के रूप मे मिलने वाला पेंशन का नही मिलना,CPF को GPF CUM PENSION मे परिवर्तित नही करके बुढ़ापे को आत्म हत्या के लिए मजबूर करने के समान है I अतः आप तथा आपकी स हृदय सरकार हम CPF धारक कर्मचारियों को एक बार मौका देकर GPF CUM PENSION योजना मे सम्मिलित करने की कृपा की जाए ताकि बुढ़ापे की जिंदगी जीने का एक नियमित सहारा मिल सके I
    ***********फूल कान्त(प्रशिक्षित स्नातक शिक्षक )संस्कृत *****************

  • Vinay Buche says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am retired technitian (Supervisor) in DAE, NFC Hyderabad. I never gave option of cpf. I joined in 1971 and retired in March 2013. I came to know from above that KV is likely to get.
    Pl guide me and inform any possibility ofgetting any chance of option to gpf
    Vinay Buche

  • We happy to inform you that a few faculty (10) working since 1982 on wards till date in National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj,under Ministry of Rural Development, GoI, have unfortunately opted for CPF instead of Pension Scheme, even though it was available during 1985/1987. We have repeatedly requesting our higher officials to give us one more option to switch over to pension scheme, but we have not been considered. Now Pension is being looked after as a social welfare measure for retired persons by our beloved Prime Minister Mr Modji, we humbly request people at policy making level may re look into this issue, probably in the coming 7th Pay Commission to kindly provide one more chance to opt. Also, do justice in this regard. This is the only source of income for all retired govt. employees as you know.
    This irreparable loss can be restored by this new government at the Centre. This will be a kind gesture for all, who will be retiring soon. Your help & guidance is solicited.
    warm regards,
    P Satish Chandra

  • S Dasgupta says:

    This is regarding my Mother’s CPF option. A retired KVS teacher (aprrox 7 years). Would her CPF is convertible to GPF scheme now ?

  • JAMEMA says:

    I am working as scientific officer E, in Tata Memorial Hospital(an autonamous grant in aid institution of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt of India), I have joined the service in 2001, opted for CPF, I would now like to convert to GPF, is it possible?

  • P.A. Satheesh & Smt. Rashmi Satheesh says:

    My wife Smt. Rashmi Satheesh, retired as AO-III from BARC a unit Department of Atomic Energy after putting in 38 years of service and myself Shri P.A. Satheesh retired on 31.01.2016 as Assistant after putting in 38 years of service. We both retired under CPF and without pension. We have collectively opted for CPF after DOPT orders, i.e. 30.09.1987 which according to DOPT orders, which says who have opted after the cut off date, i.e. after 30.09.1987 should automatically be under pension scheme. Department of Atomic Energy with out the concurrence of DOPT extended the date for continuing under CPF will 31.12.1987, where we were trapped by this extension, since we both opted to continue CPF after the cut off date. We have also the reply under the RTI, where in we questioned the authority of Department of Atomic Energy who had extended the date for opting from 1.10.1987 to 31.12.1987. DOPT reply the RTI says that no department has the power to extend the date of option for CPF other than DOPT. Here under the RTI reply from DOPT that we two affected parties should be governed by pension. Hence it a request to kindly consider our applications and direct BARC under Department of Atomic Energy to kindly consider our applications sympathetically, since we both husband and wife have retired without pension after putting 38 years of meritorious service.

  • Sir, I retired from the regular service of National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad as Director (SFCs). At the time of my joining its service in August 1981, I was having only 18 and odd years of service, and in the said Institute it was 20 years of qualifying service to become eligible. Then in 1986/87, as I felt I do not have the required qualifying service of 20 years, I had to opt for CPF Scheme. To my surprise,the minimum qualifying service of 20 years for becoming eligible for Pension Scheme was reduced to 10 years sometime in 1990s. However, while the NIRD administration has sought written option in 1986/87 when Pension Scheme was first introduced in the NIRD, no such option was given to employees who earlier opted for CPF. This is gross violation of natural justice. For my 18 and odd years of qualifying service, I received altogether less than Rs.5.00 lakh which represented my CPF contribution, employer’s contribution to CPF, and gratuity. Leave encashment and my Medidcal contributions are my other privileges received. Now my fundamental question is Should the Management unilaterally reduce the qualifying service from 20 years to 10 years for pension without giving one more option to those who earlier opted for CPF to switch over to Pension scheme. You may please understad how a retired employee with a total superannuation packet of Rs.5.00 lakh subsist with family for over 15 years after superannuaation. I sold all my land cites, house, and now I and my wife are living on the charity of our children.I request the Govt. of India should immediately declare that those employees with more than 10 years of qualifying service who opted earlier for CPF though they have more than 10 or 15 years of quqlifying service at the time when the GOI had reduced the qualifying service to 10 years. In fact, an option should have been given to such employees atleast. We are on road during the twilight years of our life, without any saving for our survival and medical needs. We are on starvation diet indeed. If we call the GOI of today a Welfare State, correct this anomoly immediately. I retired in May 2000 and the last salary that I had drawn as an academic senior was a paltry Rs.30,000/-(all-inclusive).A peon in Central Government gets this much salary, thanks the 7th Pay Commission. Also the CPF-optees of 1986 are not made eligible for medical facilities during their post-retired life. It is high time that the GOI wakes up to the gross injustice being perpetuated to old- CPF optees. Thihs is most important. Give us retrospective effect-based Pension option immediately. I doubt if the CPF-optees of 1986 will atleast leave some money for their cremation. I am 76 years old and a responsible citizen of India.Can I expect some relief even after 16 years of our superannuation. Thank You.-Prof. K.Siva Subrahmanyam, former Director(SFCs), National Institute of Rural Development,(Ministry of Rural Development)Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad-500 030.Phone 09848070062.

  • I should not have been denied the opportunity to exercise my option to the policy of GOI when it reduced the period of qualifying service for pension-cum -GPF scheme from 20 years to 10 years.In fact, I did not opt for GPF in 1986/87 as I was left with a total qualifying service of 18 and odd years (less than the then requisite qualifying service of 20 years). The GOI should not penalise those who possess more than 10 years but less than 20 years of qualifying service. An option should have been given to them to ascertain if such employees would like to switch over to GPF-cum-Pension Scheme as they satisfy the 10 year qualifying service.I was pleading for this switch over since late 1980s AND the Hyderabad CAT wanted the NIRD,which comes under the Ministry of Rural Development, to consider offering a fresh option to the earlier CPF-optees of NIRD.-K.Siva Subrahmanyam, ex.Director (SFCs), NIRD, Hyderabad.

  • Employee of ISRO says:


    Dr.Anand Kumar sharmas CPF to GPF conversion after 23 years of qualifying service is pure fraud case.

    He got blessings of many top level officials like ,Dr K N Shankara and Dr.G.Madhavan nair , both have become popular in 2G scam.
    For people who created billion dollar loss to Indian Government thorough 2G scam by violating several norms, violating CPF /GPF conversion law is not a big thing.

  • Ravindran says:

    Dr.Anand Kumar sharma,Deputy Director of Mechanical Systems Area, Staff No: IS0 2137 , ISRO satellite center,HAL airport road,Vimanapura post,Bangalore-560017,joined Government services in 1984 and moved to ISRO in the mid of 1985. During 1990 he voluntarily exercised an option to switched to CPF.

    He was allowed to switch over to GPF in the year 2007 December ,after 23 plus years of qualifying service as a special case.

    Referring to Department of Pensions and pensioners welfare circulars available in following link,


    Sl No.8) O.M. No.O.M. Date 4/1/87-P&PW(PIC-II)
    Sl No.9) O.M. No.O.M. Date 4/1/97-P&PW(PIC-II)

    Above OM have given option to exercise conversion from CPF to GPF (vice versa)within 20 years of qualifying services for the staff members who are in service as on 01st August 1992.How ever Dr. Anand Kumar sharma who was under CPF at the time of issue of these orders has not exercised any option (who was voluntarily opted for CPF in 1990), When CPF to GPF switch over options are allowed in 1992 and 1996.

    After 1996 no such circular /amendments have been made by Department of pensions (as per the above mentioned website).

    Department of pension http://persmin.nic.in/Pension_Rules.asp , clearly mentions that

    “Earlier, the Government was giving option to CPF subscribers to switch over from CPF Scheme to GPF Scheme (Pension Scheme). The last such option was allowed based on the recommendations of Fourth CPC. As a number of options have already been allowed as and when substantial improvement were made in the pension scheme and the practical difficulties involved in retrieval of records and adjustments to be made, demand for further option was not recommended by the Fifth CPC and there is no proposal with the Government to consider any further change in options.”

    In the year 2007 keeping in view 6 th CPC , Dr.Anand Kumar Sharma was allowed to switch to GPF even after 23 years of qualifying services.Generally Department of expenditure, Ministry of Finance should approve these special cases.It looks there is no clarity about approval from Department of expenditure/Finance Ministry.Whoever speaks about this in his office are tortured and compelled to resign with the help of his strong influence in Departmental Head Quarters.

    It is universal truth that ISRO is doing great achievements- no doubt about it , one can not ignore the contribution of KV school teachers to the country.KV school teachers are also contributing equally towards nation building by educating our kids.
    Quality of education in KV schools is several times higher when compared with private convents which charges huge amount which middle cadre Government employee can not afford to pay.

  • Ravindran says:

    Dr.Anand Kumar sharma,Outstanding Scientist ,Staff no. IS0 2137 , ISRO satellite center,HAL airport road,Vimanapura post,Bangalore-560017 has granted conversion from CPF to GPF after 23 years of qualifying service.
    Anand Kumar sharma joined NAL-CSIR in the mid of 1984 and joined ISRO in the mid of 1985.
    He opted for CPF in the year 1990.
    In 1992 and 1996 Department of pensions pensioners welfare has framed uniform policies for Department of Space,Atomic energy and Electronics, (OM 4/1/87-P&PW(PIC-II) dated 23/07/1996 and 4/1/97-P&PW(PIC-II) 12/10/1992). The OM says those technical staff who are already in service as on 1st August 1992 will be given one more fresh option to switch over from CPF to GPF and vice versa, how ever within 20 years of qualifying services.

    Dr.Anand Kumar sharma has not exercised any such option in 1992 and 1996.

    However in 2007 December keeping in view 6th CPC benefits Dr.Anand Kumar sharma was converted to GPF-cum-pension scheme after 23 plus years of qualifying service using his high level contacts in ISRO Head Quarter.

    This case can support KV school teachers case.

  • Employee of ISRO says:

    In the case of Dr.Anad Kumar Sharma ,Outstanding Scientist ,Staff no. IS0 2137 , ISRO satellite center,HAL airport road,Vimanapura post,Bangalore-560017,on his request letter Controller of ISAC (IRS officer) has put remarks as ” conversion from CPF to GPF is not possible ,since 20 years of qualifying service is already completed”.Fax letter of Deputy secretary of Department of space also clearly rejected CPF to GPF conversion ,since he has already completed 23 years of service. Surprisingly no permission is taken from Department of expenditure (Information obtained under RTI) by ISRO in his case.
    ISRO and department of atomic energy have adopted a common policy related to CPF/GPF.
    One of the RTI letter says that Department of pensions has allowed CPF to GPF conversion strictly before completion of 20 years of service, for those who are already in service as on 1st August 1992.

    Department of atomic energy in their RTI reply has conveyed that they have not allowed any employee who are in service as on 01st August 1992 to switch from CPF to GPF,after completion of 20 years of qualifying service.

    RTI reply from Ministry of pensions and Pensioners welfare also says the same.

    Dr.Anand Kumar Sharma case in purely a fraud.

  • P. C. Sikligar says:

    I am CPF holder retired employee (putting 29.8 years of service) request Government of India, to consider my request (along with CPF holders) and provide benefit of GPF keeping in the view of humanitarian back ground because without pension it is very very difficult to survive now a days especially in old days. Government was kind enough to ask option twice but due to lack of awareness and proper genuineness I made a mistake therefore, I humbly request Government of India, and concerned Ministry to consider my and like my types of employees.

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