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On 16/11/2014, a meeting was held with Mr. Soumitra Khan Hon’ble MP of Bishnupur at his residence. Three delegates of AIKVTA 1. Mr. Subhasish Karak, 2. Dr. Ajay Mukhopadhyay and Mr. Dwarika Prasad were present and discussed about Non granting of MACP, Option to CPF to GPF, Restoration of AIKVTA representation in the BOG, CGHS facility,Recruitment of Part time teachers for Bengali subject(Modern Indian Language), Opening of KV in West Bengal.

 Hon’ble MP listen, discussed the issues and had shown his keen interest to represent the issues at appropriate place. He also guided us to approach the member of  standing committee of HRD from WB.

We also invited him to be the Patron of AIKVTA, Kolkata Region.



Subhasish Karak

GS, AIKVTA, Kolkata Region