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Refer Accounts Code Page no. 286. appendix 10, Rule 6(vii) which reads as “Accommodation provided to employees in KVS is Rent Free”




The case was listed for today; since the defendants in the case including KVS could not file reply to the petition even today, CAT rescheduled the date to 16th February 2015 and hinted that in case the defendants fail to file reply by due date, the Court may proceed with hearing without further extending the date.…. I reiterate, irrespective of our anxiety, Court follows its own procedure and we have to bear with the delay.

Sanskrit wins over German..

December 16, 2014



Supreme Court rules in favour of Sanskrit continuing as third language to be taught in KVs and German as an optional subject, thus vindicating the stand taken by MHRD lead by Mrs. Smriti Irani, Hon’ble HRM. The MOU signed earlier by KVS to teach German as a third language thus effectively being trashed.